giving for 12 days of Christmas

hello, hello friends! it’s been crazy busy here, from birthdays to thanksgiving to Christmas preparations…well, i’m sure you’re in a similar boat, so i need not tell you life is busy! fun and blessed, but busy!

not busy enough to miss out on *giving for 12 days of Christmas.* will you join me? here’s the lowdown…

i’m excited to tell you that for the next 12 days from any templates that are purchased, 100% of the profit will go to world vision to help children and families in need, both here in the US and other parts of the world!!

please {PLEASE} pin this, share this, tweet this, sing this from the mountain tops! last year, you all raised close to $400! imagine the blessings rained down on the people of the world who needed it most. people who needed those dollars simply to survive.

i would love it with all my heart if you would join me! if you’ve been waiting, holding back, trying to decide if you should purchase one of my book templates, please, do it now! now, when every. single. one. of your dollars goes to someone in need!!

i’ve included the direct links right here to make it as easy as possible for you to get to a hold of the book templates :

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