a mother’s day surprise! {phoenix + child photographer}

i have been waiting & waiting {impatiently to say the least!} to post these images but had to wait until after mother’s day so i didn’t ruin the surprise!  tyler & ashley’s dad contacted me to do a ‘surprise’ session for their mom for mother’s day!  how awesome is that?! {dad’s out there reading this blog, take note for next year…wink-wink!} you can also take another page from his book, he also booked a surprise anniversary session for him & his wife {watch for those soon!}

tyler & ashley were SO much fun to shoot!  you can see from the images below we had an awesome time!  a belated happy mother’s day to their mom lisa & to all you mom’s reading this post! so now, without further adieu, tyler & ashley {clap-clap-clap!}

this is the ‘ you caught me checking my text messages ‘ pose!

a little fun…

a little MORE fun!…

fun that’s flippin’ awesome!…

this next image makes my heart happy!  something about ashley’s face radiates love & joy!

we’ll end on a serious note, aren’t they handsome/beautiful!?  thanks for a fun session guys!

Beth - Love these pics!!!

Greg - Alright!

Cassandra Fann - Some of these are just too funny! They definitely capture both personalities well. 😀 Very nice pictures!

David - Good job making Tyler not look like a dork. Ha ha- love you…Uncle David

Ashley - i loved spending time with my brother during these pictures and they turned out really cool! i love the one where I was making faces above him. and i love that you really did catch him texting during the pictures. thank you 🙂

Terri - These are the most beautiful kids ever! Forget the fact that they are my grandkids!!! Love the pictures they are wonderful!

James Hanover - pics look wonderful awesome and amazing! Could of picked two better models! hahaha just kidding! love Uncle Jamey

telisha - pics look amazing ash and ty look great!!!

Tamara - These pictures are absolutley amazing….. I am very impressed. Every single one is incredible! And Lisa your children are amazing and growing up WAY too fast! Love you guys!

Paula - These pictures are awesome! Great mix of fun and heartwarming! Made me smile big!! Loved them!

Danielle - Great shots! What a sweet gift for you Lisa! So glad I got to see these!

Mia - WOW! They turned out GREAT! I the black and white one of Ashley hugging Tyler from behind.

Allison Webster - Such beautiful pics 🙂

Narnara - Wow! These pictures captured a realistic view of who they are.

Mel - Lisa, Where has all the time gone? I remember when you were that age.

Gail - These are amazing pictures! The kids true personalities are shining through. What a treasure.

Matt - Cool! Chris and Lisa. I will have to do this for Sara Sometime.

Fred Hanover - I have the most beautiful grandchildren. These pictures catch their joy, playfulness and love for each other. Thank you Stacy

Jenny Wagner - How precious. These pics are time keepers. I love them.

Joshua Wagner - Absolutely wonderful. I want some pictures!

Sue (Mom) - Stac, you have given this family an awesome set of photos that are truly keepsakes!

Sara - I have to agree the black and white does capture a true admiration! These are amazing photos of beautiful kids.

Nichole - I love how you not only captured the essence of “brother & sister,” but the joy of being a kid as well. Nicely done!

Alicia - Such fun pictures!! Stacey, you do an amazing job!!
I hope all is well. I looked though your pictures, what a big boy Owen is! I hope things are going well for you guys!

Michelle - Stacy – you do beautiful work!!!!!

Stephanie - Wow… These photos are beautiful. I love your style. Very dynamic, yet clean at the same time.

Tyler - I look good in these! They are awesome.

Chris Wagner - Great Job Stac-

Maurin - Stac, you ROCK! Cant wait to see the pics you get of Christian! Christian is such a little cutie, you will have so much fun with him and my bro and sister-in-law. XOXOXO

Tamra - Oh my!!!! These are amazing photos. Your kids are beatuiful for sure. I can not believe how they grow so fast. I think it will be hard to pick the ones to order they are ALL great. Kuddos to the photographer.

Sherri - Absolutely beautiful! Great photography.

stacey - you are so welcome! nothing makes me happier than knowing i have captured them as they truly are! i love that you love them!

Lisa - Stac- you rock! The pics are awesome! Love how you caught the playfulness of the kids! The shot when ty was caught reaching for his ipod is so him! I have seen that guilty look many times! And the little sister-ness that you caught in ash makes me laugh! Thanks for everything and thanks to my hubby for the awesome surprise!

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