ack! blogger overload & fun with my new lense…

ack!  i have been swamped lately {in a good way!} and between family, and sessions, and editing, i haven’t had much time to update the blog…which leaves me wondering, how the heck people can find the time to update their blog EVERY SINGLE DAY when i struggle for one teensy-weensy post each week!?  if you have a magical formula to keeping your blogs updated, i would love it very much if you would share it with me!! {share because you care people!}

i do have a few quick images i want to post for you.  i got a new lense last week with a wicked f-stop that is just dying to make its debut on the blog, so here we go, check out these glorious images from my new lense that i am lovin’!

pinocchio vs. owen…

i love this picture of my little emmitt.  check out those curls!  i have been delaying the inevitability of a haircut, so i can selfishly enjoy his curly-headed cuteness!

have a great week everyone!  with luck ,and a little caffeine, hopefully, i will be on the ball to post {wait for it!…} TWICE for you this week! {insert audible gasp here!}

Lisa - Yeah you!!!! Two blog posts in one week! Doing the happy-dance right now to celebrate! (ok, so I lied about the dancing part, but I am still very PROUD of my over-worked, sleep deprived, caffine-intoxicated friend!!!) 😉

Stacey - Love the blur look! Very creative! Were the people in McD’s looking at you kinda weird?! Cuz I know when I bust out my camera they are!! Too much fun!

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