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summer means… {modern phoenix photographer}

summer is officially upon us, my hubby has been out of school {he’s a teacher} for a couple weeks now, the pool issee it all! »

cooking. NOT my forte…

what happens when you put me in the kitchen with a hot stove,  a magazine,  a cup of coffee & the attention spansee it all! »

cleaning my pantry…

while cleaning out my pantry the other day, i found the craziest thing tucked away on one of the shelves…see it all! »

ack! blogger overload & fun with my new lense…

ack!  i have been swamped lately {in a good way!} and between family, and sessions, and editing, i haven’t hadsee it all! »

my son + sunny g’s = mr. GQ

we interrupt your previously scheduled blog post to introduce to you mr. GQ ladies and gentlemen! how could i resist thesee it all! »

a belated Easter and emmitt birthday post!

this is a belated Easter post for someone out there who has been hounding me for pictures {you know who you are!} i knowsee it all! »

what you get when i can’t sleep…

for some reason or another i am suffering from insomnia tonight {which about never happens!}…perhaps it’ssee it all! »

so saturday…

today was definitely saturday, lots of playing and laughing and relaxing…it’s days like today that i feelsee it all! »