summer means… {modern phoenix photographer}

summer is officially upon us, my hubby has been out of school {he’s a teacher} for a couple weeks now, the pool is warm & broken in, and the fun is coming in waves!  just wanted to share a couple images of my favorite boys & spread some summer love!

summer means . lazy mornings in bed, snuggling & laughing…joy!

summer means . tiny bare toes .

summer means . bubbly pools .

summer means . warm towels .

summer means . exploring .

summer means . enjoying the little things .

summer means . getting really, REALLY excited .

summer means . fighting exhaustion at the end of it all .

please share what summer means to you and your families!

stacey - thanks! and i’ll do my very best to send summer warmth your way! at the very least, i’ll smash it in to my suitcase when we head up in a couple weeks! 🙂

Erin Hollern - SO cute Stace!!! I love your summer photos, please send the warmth to MONTANA!! Thanks 😉

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