good morning!

every morning, the circus and i rock out to this song :

*tomorrow’s a new day buddy. new choices. new chances. new ways to improve. to make it better.*

that’s the beauty of forgiveness. we’re made new. our slate is wiped clean. we have hope in a 2nd chance. or a 3rd. or a 4th x infinite, as long as we keep asking for forgiveness and with renewed hearts trying again. trying to do our best. realizing, each morning, each new day is a gift.

we rock out to this song every morning now as a reminder {to quote the song} :

wave away my yesterday
cause i’m leaving it behind me.
hello sunshine, come what may.
i feel something new inside me.
i hear the birds singing
now my alarm’s ringing
get up, get up, hey!

it’s a good morning!
wake up to a brand new day
this morning,
i’m stepping, stepping on my way
good morning,
You give me strength,
You give me just what I need
and i can feel the hope that’s rising up in me.
it’s a good morning!

Lanae - We LOVE this song too! Such a great way to get rid of the morning ‘blahs’!

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