have i told you lately, that i love you?

have a told you lately, that i love you??


for shame!

of course i do! i’ve missed you all entirely too much! and if you’re still here, if you’re still out there, reading blogs and taking names, THANK YOU!

i feel like i’ve said that a thousand times in the last year. but serious face. thanks for hanging around while i navigate juggling homeschooling with being a mom of four with owning a business with living life. thank. you. and if nobody reads blogs anymore, then “hellooooooooo self! thanks for hashing out your random thoughts here on the web.”

you will not be surprised when i tell you this is not where i intended for this post to go.


what i intended for this post to be about was these :


aren’t they fun?

valentine’s day is…well, it’s here. but if you’re a last minute person, like yours truly, feel free to snag this free printable, print that bad boy out and slap it onto a little bag of donuts. your kid’s friends will thank me.

trust me.

i know.

and if they don’t, your kids will. many a donut was sacrificed in the making of these valentines. (cue : sweet pea sampling more often than putting them in the bags.)

and because, love.


enjoy! and happy almost love day!



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