i mac…do you mac? :)

ok, so i’ve taken the photographer plunge & bought my very first imac last week!  and by first imac, i mean first mac computer…EVER!  it’s 27″ of technological beauty…check it!  oooh-lala!

my father in-law, who is an uber-talented furniture craftsman (seriously, if anyone ever needs furniture his work is ah-mazing!), drove all the way down from montana to install my new desk & now my new imac is sittin’ pretty on the top…

i was SO excited to get my new mac, set it up by plugging in the ONE cord (uno!), & was ready to get rolling. my excitement soon turned to frustration as i realized…duh…i had never worked on a mac before. it is completely different (i don’t care what anyone else says – it’s completely different!) & now my work flow that i had worked so hard to perfect is all OFF!

sooooooo, the point of all this is not so you can hear me whine & cry about not knowing how to use my new computer; the point is that i’m hoping this post will get me some good old-fashioned help (and no, don’t eat yellow snow does not cut it!) so hit me with your best shot people…tips/comments/you tube videos etc. help a girl out!  i would also LOVE (ultra-love!) any photoshop cs4 tips…i upgraded & haven’t had a chance yet to explore its new-ness!

and to wrap up this post, a little peek at a maternity session that will get more blog love a little later…

McCrakensx4 - hope you are up and running fast soon! You will get the hang of it!

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