no more preschool, no more books

in case you haven’t caught my drift in past posts or if you’re new {welcome!}, let me clarify something : i love my kids. like, a lot. a lot, a lot.

that being said, back in february, i decided to pull turbojet out of preschool…much to {almost} everyone’s dismay {i heard a lot of *you’re crazy’s* or *you’re going to GO crazy* and *are you sure you want to do that?’s* or *WHY would you do that?*}

and when i think about it, it boiled down to 2 things :

  • i love him.
  • this fall he goes to kindergarten {insert audible gasp}

the sentimental mama in me is already clinging to that last fact. the fact that this is his last year home with me. his last months to just be a kid, and have fun before he sits in a desk for the next 17+ years of his life. i figured, why not take these last months to be with him? why not take the money i would have poured into the preschool and use it for exploring the city? and just. having. fun. plain old fun.

so that’s what we’re doing! we’ve been to the zoo {twice!},

the children’s museum {twice!},

{if you live in the phoenix area, have little kids and haven’t gone to the children’s museum, please do! it is pure awesomeness. we were there for 5 hours and the boys were begging to go back before we even got to the car!}

we go have coffee and donuts and take walks in places we’ve never been before, we’ve gone to the movies and on picnics and bike rides and done art and baked…

and, oh! it’s been fun!

i’d be lying if i didn’t tell you i WAS a little nervous before pulling him out {because what if i really did go crazy like everyone thought i would?} but honestly? there hasn’t been a single day that i’ve regretted it. not one. {must be because i just love that kid so darn much. :)}

i’m so incredibley grateful i got up the courage to take the leap, to pull him out when most people think school is crucial at this age to prep them for kinder. i’m grateful because you know what we’ll have? we’ll have a kid who will STILL excel in school, and we’ll have oodles of memories to cherish of his last year home with mama.

and that makes this mama’s heart very, very happy.

Amy - YAY!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!

Your Mama - You make my eyes tear-up (with love for you and turbojet), you make me smile and I just love you so much (too)!

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