right where it should be

as the sun tucked itself in for the night and the boys climbed into our bed {it was their lucky night. daddy got home late and wanted to ‘snuggle’ AKA go to bed at 8pm, ha! you just got told, lover!}, their excited voices eagerly counted down the days until Christmas.

actual days left. days of kindergarten left. days of preschool left…

when the murmurs of their excitement died down a bit, turbo spoke up,

*i don’t really care when Christmas is,* he said.

*i just love the spirit of Christmas.* pause.

*Jesus. He’s the reason for the season,* he stated matter of factly.

and sweet boy, He is crazy happy right now to hear you say that. craaaaaazy happy. like your mama.

my prayers and efforts to show my boys that Christmas is so much more than the world wants us to believe are working! somewhere betwixt the gifts and the glitz and the wish lists and santa and his elves, rudolph and frosty. the true spirit of Christmas has adamantly pushed its way through to the center of my sweet boy’s heart.

right where it should be.

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