a muddy mess!

for those of you who don’t know, i live in phoenix, and for those of you who have never visited phoenix, the weather in the summer is hot. like, cook an egg on the side walk hot (blog post to come). if you other phoenicians are like me, you starve for rain, for a change in climate other than HOT & SUN & BLUE SKIES. you wake up on cloudy mornings….joyful.  and when the rain falls, it’s like liquid energy falling from the sky.  ok maybe that’s just me, but all i know is that today started out as one of those days : sunny & bright, and turned into an awesome thunderstorm & flipped my mood 360 into joyfully content.

and then the after rain party began. mud puddles in our back yard, and little boys, and well, you get the picture; and me, coffee & camera in hand, clicking away so we can remember & can soak up the fun of the rain on a later, more sunny day.

ah! mud, every child’s dream… don’t you remember how incredibly awesome it was when you got to play in the mud as a kid? it was like, what? you actually WANT me to get dirty? and throw mud at my brother? and dig? and be a muddy mess? yes, please! and my boys dominated that mud puddle!

this was by far the craziest arizona storm i have EVER seen! the wind was howling & the rain was pouring down. at one point, owen’s pool flew across the yard & into the neighbors tree while simultaneously the tree was uprooted and collapsed…yikes! (needless to say, i had a very upset 3 year old when he realized just exactly where his pool ended up!) a new adventure tomorrow as he helps his daddy get it down out of the tree!

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Stacey - Oh I bet they had so much fun! Love all of those priceless and precious expressions! Great shots!

patti - Boys + Mud+ Smiles= Worthington Boys!!! Unelievable pictures. I just laugh when I look at little Emmitt’s wild blue eyes in totally Bliss. Yes, you are defiently the cool mom on the block Stac!! Good Job!!

Your Mama - That is AWESOME! I can just see the excitement on those two little faces. I wish I would have been there, yes sir, I would have wallowed in the mud with them. What fun.

Jacqueline - OMG! What a mess… I have to admit, you are a much cooler mom that I am, I don’t know if I will be as cool with the play in the mud party as you are! I think I’m in trouble!!

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