the ungrateful-grateful project * week 3

we’re so close to thanksgiving i can taste it! i my boys are so looking forward to our pumpkin ice cream and macy’s day parade party we have thanksgiving morning! snister’s flying in and this weekend’s my birthday; lots to be grateful for! but today, we’re digging deeper. roll ’em!

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ungrateful-grateful project * week 3

5 : jobs

jobs. in particular lover’s job{s}. in reality, i AM grateful. if i’m honest, i’m not. i’m selfish. i want him all to ourselves, all day, everyday, 365 days a year. for reals, i love him. lots. but guess what? we NEED him to have a job. a job means a house, food, clothes, insurance {shocker, i know} a reality i am SO thankful for and yet begrudge just a little at the same time. but gratitude trumps grudging everyday! job, we love you!

{ i realize this is a sensitive topic considering the economy, so believe me when i say, i truly am thankful. but let’s be real. deep down, we all want to be millionaires so we don’t have to work, and we can spend more time with the ones we love! holla.}

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6 : cooking

obvious, but a must in the ungrateful-grateful project. cooking, you and i don’t mesh. when i cook, it takes time away from my family. it takes fore-thought and pre-planning, something i’m not good at. and to top it off, i burn previously edible foods, leaving them somtimes INedible. but cooking, as much as i hate to say it, i need you. you bring variety to our daily dinners, pushing us away from the much-t00-often served dinners of egg burritos and cereal…and dare i say, you invite creativity into the kitchen…two things i need to survive : variety and creativity. so cooking, believe it or not, you are a blessing. a blessing that is most certainly in disguise, but you are there and for that, i am grateful.

{bonus : in an ironic twist after baking cookies last night, i left the oven on all. night. long. to further prove my point, i continued to burn a batch this morning as i typed this post. wheeeee!}

*  *  *  *  *

have you dug deep this month? would love to hear your thoughts! leave a comment and let me in on the ungrateful-grateful goodness! more gratitude will flourish on thursday at our house and in yours as well, i hope! happy thanksgiving y’all {sometimes i like to pretend i’m from texas}…

here’s to good food and good people!


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