time & a note to new mom’s

i’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. time and the tricks it plays. how we can get muddled down in the daily grind, drug down feeling like a certain season of our lives will never. pass. only to wake up what feels like a day later and see that that period of time we thought would never end…was over.

time’s tricky like that.

i’ve been reconnecting with friends lately. friends i love, that i should be keeping better in touch with, but you know…time. it slips away. i’m so incredibly guilty of thinking i’ll call them tomorrow, i’ll do that tomorrow, i’ll send that thank you tomorrow…and then it’s either never done or done so late it almost doesn’t count, but thankfully, somehow it does.

the friends i’ve been reconnecting with i’ve known for almost 10 years. when i met them, their kids were my kid’s ages, and now? now, their kids are in high school. and it somehow feels like i just met them, and yet, have known them forever, and how the heck is it possible that your kids are in high school?! weren’t they like 5 when i met you…well, yes, yes, they were.

and then reality sinks in {cue the raging prego hormones : ultra sensitivity and sentimentality kicking in right about noooow…}. but reality says, that will be me in 10 year, and while 10 years sounds like forever when you say it out loud, somehow, some way, it’s going to fly. i mean really. i already have a 7 year old. turbo is already older than my friend’s kid when we first met. at this rate, he’s going to be in high school like tomorrow.


and yet, we’ll muddle through days that might feel like weeks, or days that feel like years, until one day, those days? those days ARE the years. and the years have passed. and the babies are gone. and the toys you curse picking up now have all been given away. innocent giggles are replaced with the laughter of almost men and women. and, where did the time go?

and i think i’m going to make myself cry right now. stupid pregnancy hormones.

so to the new mom’s out there. when people tell you that time goes fast:


i can remember being pregnant the first time and hearing people say that and thinking in my head,

“yeah. right. whatever. sure, it goes fast. but you’re not the one being spit up on all the time, or changing a mountain of poopy diapers, or sleeping 1.5 hours a night, or spending hours trying to console a screaming baby. goes fast…yeah, right.”

i just want you to know that it turns out, those people were right, and while my kids are 7, 4.5, and 2.5 so i can’t consider myself a time expert, i do know one thing: i had one baby. and now, i almost have 4. and that, is crazy. and wonderful. and this time around, i’m clinging to the knowledge that it doesn’t last forever. that that newborn phase is so incredibly brief that down the line chances are i won’t remember much of it at all, and what i do remember, i’ll be able to laugh at {remember that time turbo had #2 up his back on our CA road trip, in the middle of the desert? and it. was. every. where…}, or cherish {remember how sunshine and his blabla were inseparable?}, or straight up high five ourselves {remember how we didn’t sleep at all for like 2 months straight? and we survived…we. rock.} or, or, or…


so new mom’s, almost new mom’s, and future mom’s, i guess what i’m trying to say is enjoy it. even if some days you have to push through with a “this too shall pass mentality,” it most certainly will. so do your best to seek out one thing to focus on and to cherish from that day, from that season.

before time whips it away.


Marisa Christopherson - Great post and so very true! I needed this special reminder, so thanks!

Patti - Yeppers! all so true.i have to laugh at myself for not remembering all those busy busy, crazy busy years,but it is sosososo true. Hard to believe chad will be 32 this week! See time does fly. Enjoy now!

Steffany - Tear, tear, tear….. And I have no raging pregnancy hormones. 🙂 Well said, Stac.

Your Mama - Yes this blog post did make me cry, because it is all true! But I won’t go on and on about it because I am thankful for each and every minute God has give me and I pray for many more so I can continue to enjoy one, two, three and soooooooon four grandbabies!! I love you!!!

Tina - Awww friend…I love ya!! Thanks for the good cry! ????

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