what do i stand for

the minute i first heard the song that’s playing, i hung on the lyrics, “what do i stand for?” and then promptly, forgot all the rest when all i could think was…

…what DO i stand for?

what am i doing? why am i here? why are YOU here? why are you reading these very words i type out this very moment.

…what do i stand for?

it’s actually an underlying question for a larger one,

…what’s the point?

why do i blog? what good does it do me? and for that matter, what good does it do anyone?

coincidentally, as i’ve been grappling with these questions, a fellow blogger and friend posted, and reminded me of a quote from a book i’d read recently,

*  our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter  *     {francis chan}

chan is a christian author and from a christian standpoint, this quote is earth shaking. am i focusing on things that don’t matter in the long run? am i doing my best to focus on the things that truly matter? on setting my goals, setting my life on an eternal path and not just an earthly one?

thought provoking.

you may remember at the beginning of the year that in loo of resolutions, i posted my chosen word for the year, and that word was,


this post i’m writing right now is taking a TON of courage. i am a people pleaser. i want SO. BADLY. for people to like me. family. friends. strangers. everyone. it’s a struggle for me to voice my opinions with the thought that someone may or may not like me because of how i stand on issues. it’s a major flaw, and i know that. thus,


as you may have noticed in the past couple months, i’ve been working hard to exercise *courage* in my blog posts, sprinkling bits of my faith here and there. throwing stones, testing the waters. would it ripple? would it chase people away? or worse, cause people to not. like. me?

and then i heard that song,

* what do i stand for?

and read the quote,

* am i succeeding at things in life that don’t matter?

and suddenly, it doesn’t matter…it doesn’t matter if i’m making everyone happy. heck, it doesn’t even matter if people like me. what matters is that i set my sights on what matters most to me. to my life. to my eternal life.

*for whoever is ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him will the Son of Man also be ashamed when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.* {mark 8:38}

i don’t want to live like i’m ashamed, like i’m scared to praise the Lord because i’m worried about what other people will think. but that’s exactly what happens when i let fear of wanting approval seep in, my courage disappears, and then ashamedness follows close on its heels. and that needs to GO.

because i. want. more.

i want more out of this life than just the day-to-day. i want more than happy memories. i want a legacy of humble inspiration, of guiding people to Christ, fearlessly, unashamedly, courageously. because at the end of the day, on the very last day of our lives, when we breath our last breath, i want to die knowing I LIVED. i lived for HIM. i strove to be like HIM. i guided people to HIM. that’s what i want. that’s what i stand for. i stand for love. and for faith in Jesus. and for salvation. and eternal life. and it’s ALL YOURS. if only you accept it.

you’re going to start seeing changes on the blog. here and there. incorporating faith and life and love. making this place MEAN SOMETHING.


from now on, 20% of every session fee and print order will go to world vision a christian humanitarian organization who’s main focus is “building a better world for children.” i’m also excited to tell you that with the money from template sales and our blog sponsors, we were able to begin sponsoring this adorable girl in kenya through another christian humanitarian organization called no child.

life as you live it, life as you blog it, nochild.org, faith, love

 {i’m BEYOND excited for us to give her a better life and hope in the Lord {yay!}

this is the stuff that makes my heart happy. this stuff means something. this stuff is bigger than you and me.

there’s going to be a lot more of what i stand for around here. and i hope you’ll stick with me. if you’re a believer i hope you’re inspired. if you’re not a believer, i hope you’ll stick around and learn a few things, get encouraged and inquisitive, find hope and perhaps, be saved.

because that’s what it’s all about.

at the end of the day, i want to know i did the best i could at living the life HE designed for me.

i can’t end this post without feeling the need to clarify something here. does that mean quirky, weird, dorky stacey and her circus goes bye-bye? nope. sorry. you’re still stuck with me and all my dorkiness and domestic failures and circus-y antics. yup. still here {word to yo mutha}

life as you live it, life as you blog it

i haven’t changed. i’m simply working up the courage to express something that’s ALWAYS been a part of me, tucked away inside my heart: my faith in Jesus; my hope in the Lord; the promise of eternal life. the change you’re seeing? that’s the effects of unashamedness, of courage. the courage to share it all with you on a deeper level than i have before. all in the hopes that i’m making this place MEAN something. that it might mean something to you. a place where we stand for something.

something bigger than ourselves.

much love friends. thank you for reading and inspiring and loving *

 * be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. * {1 for 16:13}

{disclaimer : there’s a bit of swearing in this song. i apologize. but i think we’re all adults here, and you have to admit, it’s a catchy tune and even better, it makes you think} 🙂

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Steffany Sanders - Once again, reading your blog through tears…way to go girl! I love it! And I just love your Mom’s comment! Hugs!

Your Mama - Oh my beautiful courageous daughter. God is smiling down on you, as always! I love you for your strength, your loving heart, your kindness, your inspiration and yes your “courage”. I love you and our circus!!

Lisa Wagner - Looooove this and love you! Hugs my friend!

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