{#whereifindjoy * coffee. in my favorite mug. a bluebird morning. marveling at the gorgeous mountains.}

joy. i feel like it’s one of those words that gets tossed around a lot. we let it easily roll off our tongues but never really take time to fully process what exactly *joy* is. so what is joy? merriam-webster defines it as :

* the emotion evoked by well-being, success or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires; a state of happiness or felicity; a source or cause of delight *

even just reading that makes me feel happy. i’m particularly fond of the last two : a state of happiness, a cause for delight.

i’m a naturally positive person, but even us optimistic peeps sometimes need to slow down and take time to recognize the things that bring us joy each day. it’s a stellar way to count your blessings, to tap your internal source of gratitude and to live a life of delight. a joyful life. i like that. a lot.

taking time to recognize the things that bring me joy…well…delights me, makes me happy and otherwise joyful. and it’s not always the big and obvious things that bring joy, like the fact that i have an amazing husband and 3 adorable children, but many times the little bits of daily life that can bring just as much joy if i take time to seek them out.

i’ve decided to start documenting where i find joy for days when i may not feel as joyful as i’d like! i’ll post pictures on instagram with the hashtag #whereifindjoy and sporadically share a few of them here on the blog.

and now, i’m curious…where do you find joy? outside of the obvious. what gives you a cause for delight? puts you in a state of happiness? makes you joyful? think about it…


sue - My joy comes from having all my family in my home. I find joy in all the people that I associate with at work. Joy for me is my quiet time in the early morning, reading and listening to the birds that sing in endless songs!

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