in a blink

i did something unbelievable today. something extraordinary. something that came much too quickly (as many, many people warned me it would…). i signed my baby boy up for preschool. PRESCHOOL. i know, i know, it’s not like it’s kindergarten or anything (i have quite a few friends dealing with this life changing phenomenon at the moment and i can tell you, it’s not like that…)

but it’s preschool. school. a place where my baby will first venture off on his own without me to experience the world in his own way; to make new friends; to learn and discover and enjoy all the world has to offer; and to take his first real sip of independence (!) and he’s ready. he’s so ready it’s not even funny. i’m just a mom talking, but i’m pretty sure owen was born ready. and it truly does seem like just yesterday that i had this little bug to cuddle…

*blink* *blink*

and in the blink of an eye, my little bug is now a ‘big’ boy (because it’s death by owen if you call him’ little’ in any way, shape or form…!), a boy’s boy, a big brother…such a great big brother. nothing has been more fun than watching them grow together and love on one another…i digress..

(*some of my new most favorite-est pictures…)

i have a boy who loves to create…(or perhaps it’s the enticement of another mess making opportunity? the jury’s still out…) and to discover…

who gets his occasional dose of spoilage…after all, who doesn’t like to get spoiled? and nothing makes a 3 year olds eyes sparkle more than when you tell him he gets his very own bottle of vintage orange soda pop! 🙂

a little man who exercises his right to refuse to be photographed (fyi : owen = my HARDEST subject!)

i’ll give you fair warning. we’re excited at our house for the start of the main event, for the exploration to begin, so you can be darn certain their will be first day of school pics come september!

stacey - SUCH a relief to get him in! he’s soooo excited! miss you!

stacey - …with colbie following on emmitt’s heels 🙂 i’ll have to catch you for coffee when i get back from wisconsin! hug your girlies for me and tell makayla owen still loves her! 🙂

stacey - lindsey! you’r such a sweetie! i miss you too! how fun would it be to have a studio girls reunion! i can dream…maybe someday in the future! thanks for commenting my dear!

stacey - yes! squeeze him tight!!! people really weren’t lying when they tell you they grow fast (and we’re only at age 3…how much faster with the 15 years go until he’s 18!) thanks for commenting!

Tina - You have me in tears! He is growing up fast with little Emmi right behind him following his every move. They are incredible boys and you are incredible parents. He is going to do great and love every minute of school! You will do great too;) xoxo

Lindsey - Oh baby O! How excited. I love watching you grow through the wonderful photographs your mom takes 🙂 Stac – you have such an awesome family that is too cute for words. I miss you and your bubbly personality!

erinkayephoto - SO cute Stace! I can’t believe he’s starting school!!! Makes me want to run and wrap Patrick in my arms and hold him there for a long long time 🙂

Stacey - Oh I am so glad you were able to get him in! How exciting and bittersweet at the same time! He will do great {and so will you}!!!

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