funk-y town…

lately, i’ve been in a funk, and i can’t seem to pull myself out. you know the kind of deep down funk where you just don’t want to do anything, except maybe sleep, or veg in front of the tv (which is SO not my personality!) and even though you have goals and lists and lists of things that you need/want to get done, they just sit there staring at you like, ‘pull it together man!’

whenever i enter funk-y town, i always try to pin-point just exactly why i might be feeling this way. and after digging deep, searching in and out of soul, i come up with…nothing.  i have nothing to be in a funk about. i have a healthy, amazing family, a roof over our heads, food to eat, a creative outlet that i love, fun friends, coffee :)…i’m just ugh.

so, left to my own devices i thought i would share a modge-podge of things that make me smile/inspired/happy on a funk-y day when i just can’t pull myself out of funk-y town. i hope you enjoy!

– my new shootsac to carry all my gear, and the best thing? the cover is interchangeable with a ton of modern, fun options! now i can be stylish AND keep all my gear safe (woot!)…i’m sporting the mod-green one 🙂

*image from the shootsac website*

– when my boys play together (i love listening to owen talk to emmitt, ‘yeah emmitt, that’s a truck. a firetruck. firetruck, emmitt. it goes wee-ooo wee-ooo wee-oooooo….’)

– for creativity : this blog is so awesome! it’s called under the sycamore : a mom/photographer/crafter you’ll find LOTS of creative inspiration & diy projects

– rain. need i say more? a reminder, i DO live in arizona 🙂 when we wake up in the morning and it’s cloudy = instant celebration!

regina spektor. haven’t listened to her music? you really should check it out…quirky and a little off the wall, but chill none-the-less! hop on over to grooveshark and listen in!

– shooting ‘through’ things

– this picture 🙂

– the book 14,000 things to be happy about. flip it open read down the list, and if you really, truly focus on each item, you can feel yourself filling with gratitude for all the little things in life!

– growing up. i love this image of emmitt. i can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about the contrast of his little-ness in this moment and the fact that he’s growing up…loving my baby…

– owen. gosh i love this boy!

ah! even after this post i can already feel myself flipping a u-ey and peeling out of funky town! 🙂

Your Mommy - Just reading your blog and looking at those awesome pictures would take me right out of funky town, if I were there. I love you!

stacey - i know exactly what you mean! i only have 2 kids and can barely keep one blog alive! 🙂 thanks for always stopping by barbara!

barbara - Under the sycamore blogsite is so wonderful! How do these people do it? When I had 4 little kids, of course blogs were non-existant, but if they had been, I don’t believe I would have had time to blog!

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