8…i’m not the only one

8 more weeks, and i’m not the only one who’s counting. it’s been fun to watch sweet pea throughout this pregnancy. here’s where i can definitely see a definitive difference between boys and girls. the boys have always been excited when we were expecting a baby, excited to talk about it, and think about it, and wonder about it…to some extent. but i could never truly gauge if they fully understood what was about to rock their wee little worlds.

this time around, I’m finding that things are definitely different through the eyes of a little girl. to sweet pea, the baby is absolutely, without-a-doubt real. she tells the baby good morning every morning; lifting my shirt and talking to my belly, giving it kisses and telling it about our day. if sweet pea is thirsty, the baby in my belly gets a sippy cup too. she asks it throughout the day if it’s sleeping, if it’s crying, if it’s moving. she runs up to hug my belly frequently. she is involved. the baby is real. and she is excited.

watching her certainly makes the wait more exciting and more bearable. i’m super excited to see her step into her roll as big sister!


yes, this time around. i’m not the only one who’s anxious to meet our new little babe.

sweet pea can hardly wait too…

…only 8 more weeks little sweetie pea!


patti - we are excited, only 8 more weeks! wow, the time went fast, at least for us. Charley will be a good little helper, as for the boys, I bet they will step up too! enjoy. We love you,

xoxooo to everyone

Sylvia - I love this sweet sweet post! It made me smile over and over. What a lil cutie!

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