in our element

when we road trip, i feel like we’re in kind of in our element. just us, smooshed into a van, a crazy circus, the road, the music, the snacks. my kids are becoming road trip pros thanks to all the traveling we do in the summer, so a quick jaunt over to california for a few days last week was no big deal for them.

i’m thankful for that.

i’m thankful we’ve encouraged them to explore other avenues of entertainment besides popping in a dvd the instant we get in the car and not looking up again until we arrive hours later. don’t get me wrong, we put on the occasional movie, but they’re equally as happy building legos, writing in their journals, finger knitting {have you all heard of that? turbo is mildly obsessed…}, lacing cards, reading books or lets be real, eating. it’s crazy the amount of snacks we plow through.

20 minutes into our trip last week, turbo declared from the back seat:

“we’re having a blast back here!”

and they were. it was awesome.

now, don’t get me wrong, it can get crazy at times. remember, sweet pea IS two. and two happens to be the hardest age to road trip with. she spends half her time crying that she wants to be held, yet once we stop, she skips out of the car wanting no one to hold her or even to take her hand. life was much happier for her once we squished her back between her brothers. she’s kind of a fan of her brothers.

i’m hoping all this road tripping craziness that we embark on throughout the year and each summer morphs into some happy childhood memories. or at least some entertaining stories for their own kids down the road!

and now, fair warning, a slew of images from our quick trip to california. anyone who misses the beach, be warned. you may miss it more after this. and i do apologize for that!

cheers *

Your Mama - I agree with Claudia, that picture of Sweet Pea, you and baby is just the most awesome picture I’ve seen in a long while!!! Everyone looks like they are having so much fun! Love you

Claudia - Okay, so I know I don’t comment all that often, but this time I felt compelled to. You are so ADORABLE with you bikini top, flowy (is that a word) skirt, and Baby W bump. Sweet Pea kissing her baby sister/brother is just the icing on the cake. Eek!!!!

Also, the pic of Sweet Pea in your hat is the best! She is such a little cutie pie!


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