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i’ve been reading about personalities in the last few days. i find personalities and people’s quirks fascinating, so i eat this stuff up. did you ever take one of those quizzes in a college course? you fill out a whole questionnaire to pinpoint your dominant personality…which hopefully, you already knew/know {since you’re you?}, but whatev. anywhooo, the point is i’m abstract random *shocker* this definition made me literally laugh out loud because it felt like they had crept into my house, glanced around and wrote this paragraph about me,

*the room was happily chaotic, with piles of papers, crumpled food wrappers, and freshly laundered clothes waiting to be folded. almost hidden on the desk was a lovingly framed sign declaring a cheerful AR motto: a tidy house is the sign of a misspent life!…by nature AR’s are somewhat unstructured and free-flowing, and they often struggle when it comes to keeping a consistent schedule or detailed routine.* {the way they learn}

seriously book? did you come in my house? SO me. except i’d like to change out “crumpled food wrappers” for books and toys. thankyouverymuch.

i digress. i’m not telling you this because i’m so full of myself that i feel the need for every single one of you to have a detailed outline of my personality type, ha! not so much, i’m telling you this more because that’s how today’s post is going to be : abstract random. a happy collection of recent pics, a few descriptions, and if you make it all the way through, i’ll leave snippets of the other personality types. tell me what you are, i’d love to know! we’re all so unique, it’s ah-mazing. serious face, dude. serious. you? me? that other guy? we’re interesting folks.

annnnd this is getting weird, let’s dive in AR style!


*  *  *  *  *

sometimes, i let the circus take rip smash things apart. like this old printer for example…

they. love. it. I LOVE IT. know why? minimum an hour of entertainment. MINIMUM. say that with me people. one. hour. MIN-I-MUM. {cough*untiltheglassbreaksonthescannerpart*cough. but i wouldn’t know from experience…}

{as head teacher, i hereby dub you : mechanics. congratulations.}

this little thang kills me, melts me, gets me {pick your poison}. ponytail? kills me.

hugging babies? melts me.

this angle? gets me…i guess what i’m trying to say is…boy, do i love her! 🙂

already something i love about homeschooling? we’re not confined to our home {now that’s irony for ya} field trip with friends anyone?

he reallllllly liked the mammoth. can ya tell? 🙂

oh! and we get to make learning fun. that’s pretty rad too.

{phonics parking lot anyone?}

this picture? oh how i love this picture! doesn’t it look like she’s giving her *boys* a solo performance?

{homemade guitar solo anyone?}

*  *  *  *  *

you made it through my random post…woot! here are little outlines of the other personality types {all from the same book}. don’t forget to let me know in a comment which one you are and maybe a little tidbit about why! 🙂


  • “a CS lives in a fairly straight forward manner. verbal communication sometimes comes off as clipped and bossy. the CS attitude is, ‘if it needs to be done, you do it,’ and ‘if it needs to be said, you say it.’…They don’t usually pick up on subtle clues or hidden meanings. They prefer you tell them exactly what it is you want them to do.”


  • “When it comes to making decisions, the dominantly AS person feels compelled to explore virtually all the options. As a matter of fact, the information-gathering process is so important to ASs, that they don’t do much of anything without a great deal of deliberation and thought. ASs are gifted with a natural sense of logic and reason. They evaluate almost everything, from major life decisions and purchases to a simple lunch choice on a restaurant menu.”


  • The dominant CR person is probably the least likely to take your word about anything. These people have a compelling need to experience as much for themselves as they possibly can. CRs, more than any other style, strive not to be ordinary. If you say that something is so for everyone, CRs will tell you that they are not everyone, so what is true for others is not necessarily true for them.”

and there you have it! brief descriptions, but go ahead have fun with it, and tell me about YOU!

cheers *


haverlee - I don’t feel like I fall into any of these!! Our house is definitely always a mess and I only plan one day at a time but I have some Type A, scheduled & organizational tendencies. I always like to think I’m Type A- 😉

Love the machine dissecting idea! Brilliant!
And that last guitar pic…oh my. Must be immediately blown up and framed in your house. What a treasure!

Heather - Love the pics. oh my, especially that last one!

Your Mama - I love this randomness! I could not pick out my personality type, now that’s scary! I especially love the solo performance picture and will request a copy, please. Love you guys!

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