the secret mission

back to school.

here in AZ, school started 3 weeks ago, so it’s kind of bizarre to see all the back to school pictures being posted on instagram and facebook nearly a month after we’ve already began. the three week head start has given us time to ease into our new schedules.

our extremely new schedules.

to the tune of…

…we decided to homeschool this year.

it’s the secret mission i went on earlier in the summer. the scary, exciting, awesome leap we’ve decided to take as a family.

i needed to wait to post anything about it until i felt secure in my standing, in my confidence, in my faith. this is an extremely personal decision and since education can be a touchy subject, i knew if i had to come up against any judgment or criticism i needed to be in a position where i felt solid in our decision {this mama has a soft heart and harsh words don’t bode well}

i’ve reached that point. {can i get a woot-woot!}

so this year, school is going to look a little different for us. my circus will still be learning, but instead of with a group of peers, they’ll be learning with each other which we’re all super pumped about.

i don’t envision this being perfect. we’ve already hit a few bumps in the road, but if it were smooth sailing i think i’d be worried i was doing something wrong. stuff like this is not meant to be easy. however, typically, the endeavors that require the most work have the potential to produce the greatest rewards. we can only hope 🙂

i also feel the need to say that i recognize this is a choice that’s not for everyone. and i’m not here to tell you it’s better. it’s just what’s right for our family right now. whatever education your child is receiving is going to be great for him/her {let’s all take a moment to be thankful for free public education in the U.S., since it is not offered in many countries across the globe}.

what’s best for us may not be best for you; and likewise, public school might be best for some kids, while private or charter might be best for others. there’s no right answer on this, and i’m not taking an educational stand here. i’m simply homeschooling my kids because that’s what feels right for us right now.

that’s all.

and it’s fun.

and exciting.

and scary.

and tiring.

all wrapped up into one invigorating package.

or three.

cheers *

stacey - that’s awesome jennifer! thank you for the encouragement! it’s fun to hear that families love it! xo

Jennifer S. - We started homeschooling three years ago! I haven’t looked back since! It can be such a great great thing for families. 🙂 Enjoy this time together!!

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