ma *bebe*

sweet pea asked for a doll for her birthday. more specifically, a *bebe.* after much hunting around, and asking for help from my awesome fans via facebook. we decided on a compromise. not the most expenive, yet not the least, in the hopes of maintaining its presence for awhile in our home. we settled on corolle. an adorable, little baby with the sweetest scent of vanilla.

the boys were almost as excited to give her the *bebe* as she was to open it. it was fun to watch how excited they were to make her happy.

that night when i tucked her into bed she said matter of factly, *ma bebe smell yummy!*

thanks for the recs guys, i think she’s in love!

cheers *

{ps. if you’re in the market for a bebe, check amazon. found a smokin’ deal plus free shipping with prime that made this bebe extremely affordable ūüôā ¬†}

Amy Winter - She looks SO much like you in the last picture!!

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