a secret mission & you may need this

i’m on a solo journey this weekend {a secret mission of sorts…stay tuned}. i’m following my heart {which is really just listening to God right? right.} i’m climbing mountains and facing challenges and stretching and growing. it feels exciting and uncomfortable and just right and scary all wrapped into one big energy ball in my heart.

but mostly, it feels awesome and empowering.

oh. let’s be real…

…and scary.

sometimes life and change and new things ARE scary {ok. they almost always are.} yes, they might be fun and exciting, but change almost always evokes a bit of fear in us {me anyway…i’m not alone in this right?!} and that’s when i remember romans 8:28 :

*and we know that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him*

{source unknown. sorry person, would have loved to cred you for this cute graphic!}

ahhhh, feel that fear dissipate?

it’s gonna be all right.

everything’s gonna work out.

no matter what you’re going through, whether positive or negative, no matter what change or scary circumstance you face, if you continue to believe in the Lord, you can also believe He is working for YOUR good. for MY good.

the challenges we face now, might not look like the “good” WE were looking for, but you can ensure {bet the bank on it} the “good” GOD has for you is infinitely better.

now, that IS awesome.

peace out *


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Heather - Love secret missions. 😉 Awesome, empowering, scary and yet peaceful all at the same time when you know you are taking the leap of faith HE asks you to take!

Paw - Was wondering if you were talking to me!

Kathy - Good for you!

And if only your secret trip was showing up at my door! *cries* 😉 Enjoy your YOU time!

Jazzmin Hurless - Amen! Can’t wait to hear about your exciting adventure!! 😉

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