blog to me baby

i’ve been sitting here staring at my screen for i’d say ohhhhh, about 20 minutes now. hopping from this blank screen, to facebook, to bloglovin’, and back again. annnnd, i have nothing profound to say {which really makes you want to keep reading this doesn’t it? ha! it’ll be worth it. promise.}

our summer has been busy and fun, and busy and fun, and busy and fun, and busy and fun.

you’d think i’d have a TON to say, but nope. i honestly feel like we’ve been so busy that i don’t have time to think. soooooo instead of me typing out a bunch of random junk that might not be very fun to read i thought we’d play a game.

because who doesn’t like games? seriously. who? {put your hand down}

i like games, but what i like even more is you! and what i like even more than that is when you {my awesome readers} leave comments.

i love hearing your thoughts, and about what’s going on in your lives, and what you’re up to, and what you’re thinking. because your comments take this whole blogging thing to a dynamic new level.

and really, i LOVE that.

so here’s the game : i’m flipping the board around. i want YOU to “blog” to ME in a comment.

{yes m’am and good sir, you heard me right.}

it doesn’t have to be lengthy, but i want you to leave me a comment telling me about your summer. anything. the best thing you’ve done. the worst thing you’ve done. something you’re looking forward to. something you’re not. what you like to wear or eat or drink or read or do. ANYTHING. i want to hear something about your summer.

i want YOU to “blog” to ME!

now. let’s raise the bar a little higher.

blog to me, and on friday, i’ll randomly draw a “blogger’s” name to win a $10 starbucks gift card.

{oh. yeah. baby.}

because not only do i love games and you and your comments, but i also love coffee.

so win-win-win. WIN.

blog to me baby *

Amy Winter - About 2 weeks ago I got a visit from my college bestie. It was awesome. And I miss her. And my circus misses her circus. That is all. Oh yeah, love ya!

PS…I know I am too late to win but I still wanted to play 🙂

Kristi - Oh, the joys of summer!! I have been spending mine so far going to my man’s two kiddos’ little league games. I love it because it gets me in the sun and involved. We also do a lot of swimming in the lake, fishing, and four-wheeler riding. I will be ready when August gets here, though, when the games come to an end (21 nights’ worth to be exact) and I get a chance to go on a small get-away when my man. We aren’t sure where to go yet. We don’t want to fly and we live in Missouri so…my thinking cap is on! Thanks for the chance to blog to you!

Stephanie - This summer has been jam packed with small town fun! We had our towns Wild West Days last weekend, where we had our first annual pig wrestling competition! And just in case you were wondering, yes my team won the women’s division! It was so much fun! We also have been busy with helping friends at their brandings and having two of our own as well. Playing outside is on our daily agenda! We are having a blast and are always looking forward to our next adventure!

Claudia - Let me start by saying, I sure am glad I checked your blog tonight. Chance to win some Starbucks? Heck yes!

What has the Flaherty clan been up to this summer? Hmm…well first of all, we’ve been doing our best to beat the heat. That pretty much means hibernating inside.

In an attempt to beat the heat, 2 weeks ago we (me and the kids) took our very 1st trip to the Surprise Aquatic Center. Umm, yeah, that place is no joke! We arrived when they opened and within 15 min that place was jam packed. You would’ve thought that it was the last source of water left in the entire state of AZ. Not a fan of crowds and it was total madness! We should totally hit it up when you get home. Lol! :p

So last weekend we ventured across town to the Pointe Hilton for a little staycay and that was FUN! The boys had a blast swimming and Ry even went down his first waterslide. Woot! We had so much fun that we booked a 3 day staycay next month at the Westin Kierland. We are super excited about that one.

Tomorrow we are going to see Monters University at 9:40am. Yes, I said 9:40. Yikes! I better get to bed so I can wake up on time.

I am glad to hear you all are having a blast and we miss you guys so much! Ry has informed me that next summer he doesn’t want me to sign him up for Summer Camp because he just wants to play with Turbo. I reminded him that you all don’t return until the week before school starts. He responded with a “hmmph” and arms crossed followed by stomping away. Baha!

Xoxo friend

KD Jones - I love reading your blog! Our first week of summer was spent catching up on all of the things we’d put off throughout the school year, namely doctors’ appointments of all varieties! Now we are looking forward to days at the park, story time at the library, watering the garden, and soaking up some vitamin D! We intend to count our blessings!

Beth - This summer we have a secret – a secret we gotta keep all summer. That secret makes this summer the very best summer yet. A secret that when it’s out, will make a lot of people very happy. 🙂 but for now we will just lay by the pool, grill it up, catch a flick at the drive-in, shop till we drop, laugh with friends, exchange a wink and a smile here and there and get ready to share our secret. 🙂 love this summer.

Stacey - hey friend…well…let’s just start off by saying that today…yes today…is the very first day of my summer break and I am in my classroom…WHAT?? yep…you heard it correctly!! we had big plans of a trip to MI but that trip has been sadly canceled due to life…sad but true…cmac has bball tourneys all summer…football starts soon (don’t be jealous)…both boys are attending sports camps of various kinds (lacrosse, football and baseball) and I am teaching summer school…so there is our summer in a nutshell. miss you much my friend <3 give those cutie kids of yours a great big squeeze from me!

Kristen Steadman - I love hearing about your circus adventures. I am so thankful to hear about other crazy experiences with kids and husbands and living the family life. It makes me feel not so alone in this crazy and fantastic ride of life. I so hope the W family can catch up with us!!!

Lanae Brown - Oh I hear ya on the busy and fun summer! I don’t why I had all these grand plans to accomplish stuff this summer – kids aren’t at school anymore, I don’t get anything done! But I love spending hours on a blanket I the sun watching Tball, baseball, and golf – and in a studio watching dance. I love spending so much time outside with my kiddos – our mission is to visit every park in town to figure out which one is the best! My house hasn’t been dusted lately and it’s impossible to sweep up all the sand everyday, but we’re having fun!
I love reading your blog – such a beautiful family! We hope you have a great summer too!

Leigh Winter - I absolutely LOVE your blog! You are soooo inspiring and absolutely hilarious!!! Love it!!!

Alyssa - MT in two days and counting!!!!

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