an ode to mornings & coffee shops & lover

let me start by saying, i’m spoiled (the first step is admitting it). i’m so grateful to be able to spend the entire summer in the place i love, with parents and in laws that open their homes to our circus; we get to expose the circus to things they don’t get to do in the city, and lover has an extremely limited work load during our 2 month stay. spoiled might not even be the right word. i’m certain there’s another word for it, but i don’t know what it is. blessed, perhaps.

i do know one thing though, it’s pretty much the bomb, the bees knees, the cats meow, and/or awesome-sauce. choose your own fancy adjective and it would probably be applicable. i don’t take this time for granted, but i sure am going to suck the marrow out of it while i can.

one of my favorite parts of our trip are the mornings. if i wake up before everyone, i can sneak away (as i did this morning) to one of the many coffee shops in town and have a glorious hour or two all by myself (it still counts if your 1 month old is sleeping next to you in her carseat right? right.) in this town, there are a plethora of coffee shops to choose from and my coffee consumption goes up exponential during our stay.

there is nothing quite like starting your day in a coffee shop. peering out the windows, watching the sleepy world go by as it slowly stretches itself awake for another harried day. the funky coffee shop music blares. the patrons chatter. the eclectic furniture beckons. the espresso machine does it’s business and the coffee flows like wine (er, something). i’m 100% certain i could start every morning of my life in a coffee shop and it would never get old. never. ever. with or without the circus, with company or alone tapping away on my laptop.

it’s all good baby. all good.

my mornings out during the summer months in montana wouldn’t be possible without lover. me going out means he’s in charge of the circus as they lazily pull themselves from their cozy beds. he’s in charge of early morning snuggles, of breakfast and clothes, and of the early morning chaos that can easily ensue with 3 kids.

so on the eve of father’s day weekend,

thank you lover.

for figuring out a way to get me to montana for our summers, for taking on the circus a few mornings a week so i can enjoy some precious alone time – alone time that is so coveted during the school year.

thank you for starting forts in the forest at 8 o’clock at night, for wrestling the kids when they beg, for taking things in even strides, for being the dad they so desperately need in order to grow up into well rounded, grounded, confident adults. you are the best dad for them. the only dad for them in the whole wide world. and for that, i am truly thankful.

and ps * thank you for putting up with my very obvious coffee addiction.

and handling it like a man.

i love you.

cheers & happy father’s day to all you dad’s out there *

stacey - you are a blessing miss lisa! xo

Lisa Wagner - Blessing, upon blessing! I love how you are so present in the here and now, treasuring it all!!! Its inspiring! Love you and cheers to coffee shop mornings! Xo

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