baha! teeball & a family slogan

last night half way through the boy’s bedtime bible story, lover had to leave to go buy something he’d found on craigslist. as he kissed the boys goodnight, he told them he had to go because the guy told him he’d,

“hold it til he got there.”

we finished our story, turned off the light and started our prayers. once the boys were through, i finished up and ended by praying that daddy stayed safe to which turbo replied,

“yeah. and that guy really had to go to the bathroom.”


me  : what guy?

turbo : that guy. he said he’d hold it til he got there. he has to go to the bathroom really bad.

baha! {battum-bum-ch}

he’ll be here all night.

*  *  *  *  *

teeball started. i’m going to be the worst sports mom in the history of time. because i’m already like, ugh, practice? one night a week, are you serious right now? ugh. baha! which makes me laugh because *earth to self,* it’s going to get muuuuuuuuuch worse. 🙂 at least i’m aware, and can laugh it in the face already! BA-HA!

anyway, i digress as usual, but the point is : we started teeball, and though, i’m not a fan of practices. i do like the games. here’s some snippets from the weekend.

it’s sunshine’s first year in a strictly 4 year old league. it’s hilarious and cute and painful all wrapped up into one adorable little package. see?

teeball, 4 year old, life

my main men. lover’s coaching turbo’s team this year. goooooo sand gnats! {seriously. that’s their name. the sand gnats. i can’t make this up people. baha! we’re going to awesome-it-up and call them the g*nats from now on. cool? cool.}

teeball, life, life as you live it

turbo’s actually *getting* it this year. pretty awesome to watch them to grow into a sport.

teeball, life, life as you live it

and heeeeeeeere’s sunshine. calm down dude. you’re going to pop an artery. {all i see in this picture is my sister. who adored teeball and all it’s excitement. not.}

he’s so cute thought 🙂

teeball, life, life as you live it

and then there’s the circus-y-ness that always follows us around, baha! i think the coach was impressed. hehe.

life, teeball, life as you live it

bringing fun wherever we run.

i think i’ll make that our new family slogan, baha!

’til next time party people!


gdmajo - Not being an everyday cp user I enjoyed catching up on the latest
and loved the tee ball pics. Thanks and happy day to all —I
wish I lived closer also, to watch the circus perform and grow.

Your Mama - I love that new family slogan, it makes me excited – “bringing fun wherever we run” will be back here in Montana before we know it! As for the teeball, I can’t wait to experience it myself this weekend. FUN FUN FUN!!!!

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