insert foot in mouth

i took the circus to the children’s museum today. i, and apparently every other family in phoenix, thought it would be a great idea. oui. i’ll plan better next time. like NOT go during spring break. ever. again.

i didn’t even bother trying to take my camera because i knew it would be too hectic {little did i know}, so i was going to post a pic of the kids at the zoo from earlier in the week, and it turns out one of my kiddos swiped my memory card from the camera…undoubtedly stashing it in one of their many *treasure boxes*…and now, they’re sleeping and i don’t know where it is and can’t ask them. soooo, no zoo pics for you {said in the *no soup for you* voice from the soup nazi seinfeld episode…anyone remember that?…i digress}

10 minutes later {insert foot in mouth}

typing out the rest of the post below, i realized what I actually did with the memory card {*cough*cough*} oops. sorry kids. but now i’m too in love with the seinfeld diversion above to delete it. sorry. you get it alllllllll tonight.

have i mentioned spring break is kicking my butt? ūüôā

life as you live it, life as you blog it

{she liked the *choo-choo.* i kid you not when i tell you an ostrich {an OSTRICH people} nearly climbed onto the choo-choo and sat down with sunshine and me. dude, those birds are freaky up close, and he was about to make himself at home. yikes.}

*  *  *  *  *

and, in better late than never fashion, here are the giveaway winners! thank you to all who participated, you helped out a TON, thank you!

clutch * miranda young mug & t-shirt * tiffani

happy family movement adventure guide * kathy greeley campbell

on the day i was born template * sylvia ibarra

bla bla doll * stacy coborn trimble

heart print * kathryn vigness

cheers to a restful, sane weekend *

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