when type A marries type B

this has been an especially crazy week. not in a bad way. just crazy.

i don’t know if it’s because it’s spring break, and i’m out of whack with the world and our schedule…orrrrrr that i’m inherently discombobulated. but either way, it’s been crazy.

and bless lover’s soul, if i’m honest, it’s crazy because of me. because apparently, i lend myself to craziness. and on weeks like this, oh. i’ve got some doozies.

like that time {this week} that i lost sunshine’s teeball game schedule after having it in my possession for 24 hours {just like i lost turbo’s last year. but we’re not going there people. not today.}

or when i scheduled myself an eye appointment for thursday and entered it into my phone as “the dentist” {serious face. that happened.} only to realize that i have bible study that same morning, AND i planned a playdate for that SAME time. and WOW. someone needs to learn how to use iCalendar.

so bible study stays. playdate shifts to the afternoon. eye doctor moves to friday. whew done.


lover has a game friday {he’s a baseball coach}. call the eye doctor back. reschedule for saturday. wait. the boy’s have teeball games…that i coincidentally don’t know what time they play because i lost the schedule. eye doctor canceled completely.

lover rolls his eyes.


and if i was a mind reader, i would imagine his mind would read something like this :

are you for real? are you KIDDING me right now?! did i really marry THIS? this woman who has zero, literally zero, control {heck! concept} of her/the kids/our schedule? how is it even possible that she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on? that i’ve told her THREE times my baseball schedule this week? and she STILL thinks my game’s thursday and not friday. grrrrrr….but look how cute she is, and she thinks she’s funny….and i like when she laughs….good thing. {am i right lover?¬†baha!} ūüôā

and that’s what happens when a type A marries a type B. when schedule-y people love un-schedule-y people. they put up with things that drive them crazy. weeks like this week and other times like :

  • when i almost miss my flights because i don’t check the departure time,
  • or when i get groceries and forget to unload them {weekly},
  • or when i drive through red lights because i’m thinking {not proud of this one},
  • or when it’s dinner time and you ask what’s for dinner and i look at you like a deer in the headlights.

that’s true love baby.

ain’t nothin’ else but true love that puts up with a type B person like myself.

lovin’ your guts from the bottom of my type B heart *


PS * GO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!! {pretty please} xoxo


Emily Propst - I reeeeaaallllyyy like this blog post. Mostly b/c it comforts me to know that you are just.like.me. I have quite the list of things I lose & forget–what a wonderful joy that we surround ourselves with people who find the humor in those moments!

stacey - allison, i would LOVE that! it’s a shame we haven’t gotten together earlier since we’re in the same valley! let’s plan it!

Allison @ All for the Boys - We need to get together we’re totally the same. Maybe that’s a reason we shouldn’t get together? Either way, I feel ya!

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