glimpses of love

it’s been a rough couple weeks of parenting. like, no-one-gets-along-with-anyone rough.

in the realm of sibling rivalry, i find myself at a loss. it seems so simple. just be kind to each other, be nice, don’t hit, or antagonize, or call names, or…or…or just generally don’t be rotten to each other. just. don’t.


but alas, no.

they are rotten to each other just the same. thank goodness they seem to go in spurts. a week of loving, of kindness, of sweet words and helping hands followed by a week of treating each other like garbage is better than getting only the garbage i suppose.

and really, this is food for thought. i often wonder if God gives us the bad days to make us fully and completely aware of just how good the good days really are. the glorious, happy, peaceful days are so much sweeter when placed adjacent to rough, name calling, pushing, hitting, rotten ones. or maybe the challenging weeks are simply to show us that we can’t do this alone. i’m certain it’s one or both of these, perhaps more.

at any right, i’m looking forward to coming up out of this valley and back into the light, and we’re close. glimpses of love have been spotted, so i’m hopeful for a few good days in the very near future.

praise. the. Lord.

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