sweet pea has renamed punkin. her new name is now laugher. everyone, meet Laugher Faith :

the first time i heard sweet pea call punkin Laugher, i thought she was calling her “lover.” which isn’t too unusual since i call lover, lover, and each of my kids went through their own “lover” phase where everyone in the house was referred to as “lover.” but upon listening closer, i discovered she was actually calling her, “Laugher,” and if you ask her why, she simply states, “because she laughs a lot.”

and while in reality punkin doesn’t really laugh all that often, or make much noise at all for that matter (it’s too noisy to get a word in edge-wise, so she absorbs it all silently while sucking her thumb), she is one of the happiest babies around, and perhaps, to sweet pea, this translates into laughing. a lot. in which case, she’d be right. because punkin is happy. a lot.

so laugher, she is, and i hope for awhile. because i kind of love it. a lot.

xoxo *

Amy - Holy cow. How cute is she?!?!?!!!!

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