my fridge will thank you…!

i wish i could take credit for this fun find, but today it will all go to my mom. my mom is a GREAT grama (like so great that lover and i don’t exist once grama hits town)! we live 1800 miles away (tear!), but she always does her very best to keep in touch with the boys from afar. this past week she sent them something in the mail that was such a fun idea i thought i would share it with you all!

check out these awesome cards! here’s the just of how they work (i hope you can follow me, it’s much like rocket science) :

– grama mails the card

– boys color the card

– boys mail card back to grama

– grama smiles ūüôā

it’s the ultimate win-win in loved one correspondence : the boys think it’s awesome because they got a letter in the mail (…that they get to color on – Bonus!) and then we mail ’em right on back to grama to display so very proudly on her fridge (and how great is the verbage?! ¬†‘my fridge will thank you’. ¬†awesome.)

*a bonus for mommy, the morning was gorgeous (think 70 degreed perfectness) so we set up shop outside*

i couldn’t resist capturing our coloring utensils. who doesn’t love pictures of crayons? honestly. they rock.

even if you think it’s a dumb idea and a waste of your time and mula. i would re-think it because you would be missing out on precious images like these…

…happy coloring everyone!

Sue - I love the way Owen studies it before he starts coloring. Can’t wait to get the results onto my fridge! Love you all — Mom/Grama

Stacey - I love it! And love all of that color! What a great idea…wish that had something like that when my boys were little enough to want to do it!! Great captures! And you are right…the last 2 mornings have been glorious! I am sure that Grandma is gonna love their artisticness!!

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