night owl syndrome

tonight i’m curious… who out there has night owl syndrome? (ooh! ooh! pick me, pick me!) which of you LOVE (really love) staying up late?  you love the atmosphere, the quiet, peacefulness of the house, the productivity that is a result of this time?  you love your kids, but you’re happy their sleeping. you can hear your husband (or wife) snoring in the background. night owl syndrome makes you feel empowered, creative, open, happy, and content.  it wraps it’s arms around you, says hello and invites you into the night.

well, i have it…BAD, and i love it!  it kicks in around 10pm every night and lasts until 1 or 2am. you might call it my 2nd wind (or 3rd or 4th depending on my day). and if you’re me, you get your coffee, you crank up your new favorite playlist (my current reel playing : kate nash, regina spektor, ingrid michaelson to name a few), and you take a good long stare at your mile-long to do list. mine usually tends to taunt me all day, “look at me! all this stuff to do, you’ll never get me done, blah, blah, blah,” and then my night owl syndrome kicks into high gear, and i start tackling my ultra-long list and it gets a little less cocky (i do hate a cocky to do list). and things get done!  they actually get done (at my house a celebration all in itself!) things like this image…

(*at first i thought this image was a mistake, not all together in focus, but now, i am in love with it…something about the softness of the blur gives it an extra depth of emotion)

and this fun map i made for owen to take on our road trip. perhaps a little overboard for a three-year old, but it’s never too early to start learning right? igniting his curiosity about the world can never be a bad thing!

you see what i mean?  productivity galore with night own syndrome! here’s another product of NOS. a modern baby announcement…

i’m not going to lie though, the mornings after NOS are KILLER. especially when my three year old, owen, comes tooling in around 7am saying, “let’s get up mommy! get up mommy….moommmmmyyyy get up!”  to say i’m dragging myself out of bed is a major understatement.  i am using every cell in my body to propel myself off my cozy, comfy bed to start our day.  i used to try to convince myself that i needed to go to bed earlier, that i could be just as productive in the morning, but that is BEYOND not true. so now i just embrace it, i love it, i ENJOY it…and isn’t that what life is all about?  enjoyment.  i think so. so to all you other night owl’s out there, *cheers* (insert clinking of coffee mugs here) here’s to quiet, productive, wonderfully creative nights!

(you didn’t think you’d escape without a picture of my two handsome babies did you? 🙂

stacey - of course! designing fun, modern Christmas cards is definitely on my NOS list!

Jacqueline Perea - Stacey…Now you have to come up with a NOS concept for Christmas Cards!!


Stacey - I am usually not a participant of NOS…but lately it has been sucking me in! Not to do anything on my cocky little {or big} to do list, but to sit and play on the computer..I know…no productivity what so ever..oh well, summer will be gone before I know so I will indulge!! Love the pics and that map is perfect!

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