not your everyday ordinary

i have approximately 50 (yes. 50. you read that right.) drafts of half written blog posts waiting to be completed and posted. i should be working on one of those right now.

operative word : should.

i also should learn to stick to my word. remember one of my last posts? about how i had decided in order to maintain simplicity, i would just blog more frequently with less words…yeah…(says to self : how’d that work out for ya? i don’t know. why don’t you ask your last post dated 8.21.14? maybe he would know…)

annnnnnd, exiting the random conversation i just had with myself in my head…

the point is. is…is…whelp, i can’t remember the point, so i guess the point is i’m here. and i have a LOT of blog posts drafted, and instead of working on them or updating you on anything useful,l i’m going to share this song with you. it’s cute. it’s catchy. it’s fun for the first 10 times and after that, well, after that it’s stuck in your head for daaaaaaaaays. you will sing it in your sleep. and you will not be thanking me later.


your kids will love it and think you are their hero, and you’ll be their newest most favorite, favorite person. ever.

they might even have a parade for you. or throw you a party.

or beg you for juice or to listen to it just onnnnnnnne more time (read : 100).


so crank it up, and shake it friends! it’s FRIDAY!!

and that’s something to be happy about.

Audrey Stark - We are dancin’ to this beat this morning, thank you;)

Alyssa - that every kid we meet winds up a toolbox?? Is that what it says? Fun song! A

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