how we school

we’ve added some new curriculum to our day this year.
i’m told this isn’t uncommon for new-ish homeschoolers.
to switch curriculums.
often, actually.

i hope that’s true anyway.

with the additional babe in the house
and sunshine joining the school crowd,
i decided to go with one’s that are all laid out…
…so i don’t have to worry about that part.

i stink at planning.
and otherwise, organizing time.

i like unstructured, and free and easy-going.
these curriculums allow for a little bit of that,
all while pointing me along the structured path i usually have a hard time navigating.


for anyone who speaks homeschool or is curious,
here’s our list this year.

math : math-u-see (sunshine – primer, turbo – beta)
reading : all about reading (sunshine – level 1, turbo – level 3)
history/science/bible/art/music : my father’s world (both boys – adventures in u.s. history)
language arts : first language lessons (turbo – volume 2)
grammar supplement : easy grammar (turbo)
(*i’m not affiliated with these companies in anyway. it’s simply a list of curriculum we’ve chosen for the year. they may or may not work for your kids, as every family is different!*)

we are also doing writing journals, spelling and nature studies.
(*which translates into hiking, playing in the mud, collecting treasures and climbing things*)

these will be done sans curriculum.

and that’s that!
like any fine tuned engine, there will be tweaking along the way to make it work for our family,
adding and subtracting units throughout the year as, rest assured, we’ll need a little variety along the way,
but so far, we’re liking what we have!

xo *

brittany - Hi Stacey,
I am a new homeschooling mom too. i just came upon your instagram. My personality type sounds close to yours so this post helps a lot. THANK YOU!


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