the 1st day

we started school last week.

wednesday to be exact.

i had painted a pretty picture in my head of how our first day of school would go.
i wanted it to be special.
freakin’ awesome.
a day that featured happy, fun-filled learning and eager little students ready to soak it all up.
i liked this vision.
it was nice.
lovely even, and left me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside the night before our “first day of school.”

fast forward to the day itself.

cue the UN-awesome sauce.
and the dragging of feet.
and the whining.
and the crushed feeling i felt when i realized our day was exactly the opposite of the super cool, fun, awesome day i had tucked away inside my head the night before.

why am i telling you this?
i’m telling you this
(…you. you there. the new homeschool mom reading this wondering what in the hee-haw you got yourself into. yeah, you. i’m talking to you…)
i’m telling you this in case you’re having a rough first week of school…because guess what?
there is light!

five school days later, we’ve done a complete 180.
after lots of praying, and motivating, and encouraging, and already re-vamping how we do things, life on the homeschool front is real.
real awesome.
the way it should be.
the way i envisioned it being on that first day.

the fact of the matter is is that it’s hard to get into the routine after a long summer off.
it’s hard to motivate kids who haven’t been accountable for school work all summer,
but once you get past that point, once you slither back into your routine…
…life gets infinitely better!
praise. the. Lord.

let’s rewind. that’s not to say we won’t have challenging days ahead.
days where neither i nor the kids want to “show up.”
we will.
you can take that to the bank.

but the challenging days will be offset by the amazing ones.
the days where your kids actually ARE happy little learners.
the days where the love of learning is most definitely being instilled.
the days where playing and learning collide.

and so, i’m writing this to remind myself (and you) why this homeschooling venture is totally worth it.

and it is.


(turbo * 2nd grade)

(sunshine * kindergarten)

(sweet pea * preschool)

(the circus * fall 2014)

(the crazy circus! * fall 2014)

xo *

grandmajo - Loved this set of pictures. I thought I had lost contact I am so
slow on this computer stuff. Thanks for sending your sunshine all
the way to WA. Love to all of you.

stacey - this made me smile laura! because honestly, most of the pictures looked like the crazy one! i think i just got lucky 🙂

stacey - kate! you can do it! it’s the best decision we’ve made! good luck! pop back in and let me know how it goes! xo

stacey - tara! you’re welcome! i didn’t know you were choosing to go that route…good for you! honestly, it’s been awesome for us! despite the hard days, a real blessing! xo

Tara - I don’t start my homeschooling adventure until next year but am already so nervous about it! Thanks for the encouraging words!

kate - Oh how I need this… My 12yr old asked just last week to be home schooled… I have kids sophomore to preschool and this is new to me… Here we go!

Laura - You are clearly amazing. I’m impressed with the homeschooling but more so that ALL 4 of your children are looking at the camera 🙂

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