open + a code

you guys. YOU. GUYS. my shop is OPEN!

it’s. open.

it’s been such a long time coming, and now, it’s finally here!

let the happy dancing commence…break it down!

etsy shop opening

one of my favorite features (besides the art itself!) is that we offer FREE (cue angels singing), yes FREE, domestic shipping on ALL items.

free shipping’s my favorite. sorta like smiling.

etsy is amazing, full of all sorts of creative goodness, but in order for my shop to be found in that sea of goodness, i’m going to need your help spreading the word (pretty please!)

simple ways you can help, and i’ll love you forever:

  • if you’re on Pinterest : pop over to the shop and pin one (or more!) of my prints to Pinterest
  • if you’re on Facebook : share this blog post on your Facebook page
  • if you’re on Instagram : find me (@lifeasyouliveit), find my post about my shop opening and tag a friend you think might like my art

thank you friends. honest. you have no idea how much this will help! and because it IS a shop opening and i love you dearly; if you do want to purchase anything, use the code:


for 10% off your first order! good now through labor day (the 5th).

thank you to all who have encouraged me on this journey! i have big dreams for this shop. opening it was simply the first step. stay tuned for awesome things on the horizon.

much love always *

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