out of neutral

i’ve come to notice that when i’m feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, or what have you. i tend to shift into neutral. that’s where i was when i wrote last week.


a dead place to be.

i get there when i have SO much to do and SO little time to do it in that i just don’t know where to start…sooooooo i don’t.

it’s very effective really…you should try it sometime.


but alas, it’s my system. i slip into neutral for a few days until i totally and completely can’t stand it any more. and then, i lay the smack down on myself {again, what you read earlier in the week.} you’ll be happy to know i’ve knocked a few items off my list and now my list is only up to my shoulder; instead of the entire length of my body as it was before…

i’ve also decided that perhaps i will feel less overwhelmed if i take a look at my priorities. putting homeschool on my plate this year has added a lot more to life than i anticipated {i tend to be overly optimistic in an, “oh, i’ve totally got this” sort of a way. which is awesome, until i don’t totally got this and i’m all, “oh. crap. this is not as easy as it looks.” worth it? yes. harder than anticipated? yes.} because it’s more than my overly optimistic self anticipated, it’s necessary for me to look at my priorities. pin them down. and ROLL.

obviously, my priorities are not the same as everyone elses, but you might be interested to see them? or perhaps be motivated to look at your own list and re-analyze as i have chosen to do…

  1. my relationship with God. nothing {nothing-nothing} works, if i’m not right with God. not my marriage. not my attitude. nor my teaching abilities. or my family. He has got this. the faster i figure that out, remember it, seal it on my heart, the easier and simpler life will become. got worries? cast them out to Him. kids giving you lip? work it out with The Big Man Upstairs. got problems? GIVE. IT. TO. GOD. i think you get the point.
  2. my relationship with lover. who do i get to spend the rest of my life with once the kids are grown and gone? lover. what happens if i don’t work to cultivate our relationship now? i’m in for a lonely later life with a complete stranger whom i happen to call *lover.* not cool. cultivate now. reap later. boom baby. {baha! that was funny to write. but totally true.}
  3. my kids. i don’t think i need to lay this one out for ya. what we pour into them, comes out. love, baby. love. love is all you need. love and discipleship. yes, this comes even before school because if i don’t point them in the right direction {God} the world will point them elsewhere {heaven help us}.
  4. school. it’s important. that’s all.
  5. blog. you’re important. and i enjoy it. and i need it. and i love you.
  6. other work. side projects that float my way.
  7. creative projects. alas, these are at the bottom of the list. in the hopes of someday bumping upwards…

and there you have it. i don’t know about you, but i feel MUCHO better. does this mean i’ll always follow and keep this perfectly? nope. the fact is : I’M NOT PERFECT. but now, i have something to strive for. which helps. a lot.


peace out loves. i’ll be writing later this week from my home away from home, montana! yeah, baby. big fun awaits including a pumpkin launching contest {which totally counts as homeschooling btw. you know. catapults and gravity and force and such. and don’t forget the smashing of pumpkins.} good times. good times.

peace out, blessings and cheers and love all around *


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