thank you lover * an anniversary post

it’s anniversary day for lover and i…woot! seven years this year. SEVEN. if there’s such a thing as a golden anniversary, well, this would be ours. seven on seven baby. and how fitting that on our golden anniversary we have the potential of receiving another beautiful blessing in swaddling clothes.

regardless, today we celebrate our love. a love that started WAY back in high school and has continued to grow and flourish and mature. and as with every anniversary, i find myself sifting through my blessings and re-realizing what an amazing husband i have. what an amazing daddy my babies have. and for that, i am grateful.

thank you lover…

  • for accepting my weird quirks
  • for working harder and harder for us
  • for wrestling with our boys
  • for changing diapers {the boys, not mine! ha, that will come WAY later…!}
  • for supporting my coffee addiction
  • for not coaching football this year so we could have a baby instead 🙂
  • for always telling me you love me
  • for being a WAY better laundry do-er than myself
  • for never complaining when we have cereal {or eggs} for dinner WAY more often than i’d like to admit
  • for being the boys bedtime song singer
  • for loving me just the way i am
  • for encouraging my passion for photography
  • for putting the boys and i first…always
  • for being the level-head in our relationship
  • for putting up with my indecisiveness
  • for painting my kitchen a week before our baby was scheduled to arrive
  • for being you

the list could go on {and on, and on…}, but you get the idea. my husband, lover, is amazing and wonderful and a true blessing in all of our lives. happy anniversary lover my lover!

{image by : erin kaye photography}

Tonya Lewis - Super cute! Happy Anniversary to you both 🙂

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