the ungrateful-grateful project * week 2

are you digging deep? did you take time this week to acknowledge both the obvious things you are thankful for {family, friends, good health, etc.} and the un-gratitudes? i hope so! flipping your perspective can really boost your mood! remember that on your next not-so-fabulous day! cheers!

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ungrateful-grateful project * week 2

3 : wind

grrrr…wind. you and i have never gotten along.  i went to college in fargo, north dakota. need i say more? the wind capital of the world. not. joking. am i GRATEFUL for you wind? even though you tousle my just-styled hair, whip dirt into my eyes, and scare my babies {both boys have a deadly, fear of it…no lie}? you bet your sweet bippy, i’m grateful. you cooled me as i walked my sweater-donned self, in the hopes of a crisp, cool walk {not a smart choice in the southwest} and two of my babies up and down the street while waiting for my van to get an oil change. the sweet, cool wind offered relief from the still-scorching sun, and for that, i am grateful.

{let’s all use our imaginations and pretend that picture looks windy…!}

4 : stretch marks

jigga what?! yeah that’s right, you heard me…stretch marks. you know those things that now adorn your once-smooth-rock-hard-washboard tummy like the deep, permanent wrinkles in a wadded up sweater. yeah, THOSE. uh-huh, grateful. while my stomach is no longer perfect, it and it’s stretch marks remind me daily of the 3 little blessings that now fill my world with their joy each and everyday. thank you stretch marks for the reminder now and forever 🙂

*  *  *  *  *

dig deep my good people, embrace your ungratefulness and transform it into gratitude!


stacey - you’re silly! that’s just lucky genetics my dear 🙂 hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Jackie - Ok…stretchmarks and all, you can still see your bones…(and there are people out there that are ungrateful-grateful for skinny mamas like you!! 🙂 xoxo

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