a lazy dreamer, a download & a giveaway!

this post could have 6+ titles : catching up, i’m a dreamer not a doer, free menu download, blurb giveaway, better late than never, getting $hit done, etc. etc. etc. where am i going with this? so far, no where, so let’s GO somewhere!

historically, i’m a person who’s a big dreamer…which is good right? dreaming up my next diy project, the next template, where i’d like my business to go, art projects i’d like to do with my kids, art projects for myself, areas of the house i’d like to organize, ways i’d like to spend my time, books i’d like to write, prints i’d like to make, ways i can give back, ways we can give back as a family…you get the picture. all great, all wonderful.

the problem is : i have a tendancy of being a dreamer, NOT a doer. it’s all well and good inside my head, but when it comes down to actually DOING a project or STARTING a project it’s like pulling teeth {well, it’s not THAT bad} because i do LOVE my projects. for some reason, it’s just hard for me to get started, to get fully motivated to get to that starting block. once i’m there {started that is}, i love it and love the final product, but until then? oui. i think it’s partly to do with my sad set of organizational skills, my abstract/random personality, the fact that i think too hard about things {deep thoughts anyone?}, and that i have 9 zillion things whirling around in my head at one time doesn’t help either. sometimes though, i’m afraid it’s simply because i’m lazy  🙁

so this past week, i’ve reeeeeally been trying to get my act together. i think {fingers crossed} it’s working! i wish i was full of great ideas to get those of you out there who are like me on to the right track, but i don’t. just two simple things i’ve kept in my mind this past week :

  1. don’t over think things. if there’s laundry that needs folded, don’t spend the minutes {hours} leading up to it thinking about how much you HATE folding laundry. don’t waste your time thinking, suck it up and just DO it {novel idea, i know.} same with projects. got a great idea you’ve been mulling over? just. start. it. stop with the thinking. it’s required, but not mandatory in the startup process {i say this tongue in cheek, hoping you see what i’m getting at here}
  2. just push through it. the laziness that is. have a clean dishwasher that needs unloaded? don’t let laziness take over by thinking you’ll do it later. just. do. it. {nike was onto something} got a project that sounds awesome and daunting at the same time? daunting in the sense of a lot of work? don’t let the amount of work keep you away. just. push. through. it.

so there are my two very cliche, very simple pieces of advice to you {if you could even call it that?} or maybe a new view into the pathetic individual i can be , ha!

along the lines of this whole conversation, i remembered i owe some of you some grocery list downloads! i blogged about them, ohhhhhh, i don’t know sometime in october and promised access to the designs.

well hurray for my sudden motivation, they’re finally here! click here to download one or all four! woot!

man that feels good.

*  *  *  *  *

since i’m getting down with my motivated self, i thought i’d share my new 2013 planner. it’s cute, promise. see?

{horrible pictures…sorry! my dslr is on the fritz and apparently i’m not destined to be a professional iphonographer. hopefully, you can still see how fun it is.}

besides the fact that i’m hoping by showing it to you, i’ll feel held accountable and might actually use it for more than a month or two {ha!}, but also to let you know that my sweet friends over at blurb are offering up a $25 credit for one of you lucky readers! and it’s not just for planners {even though, you know you want one!} it’s $25 on any of their products, woot!


* leave a comment below and let me know how you get motivated *

* winner will be announced friday, january 18th *

gotta run! my to-do list that i’m not thinking/thinking about doing is calling my name, ha!


Stephanie - My kids motivate me. Knowing they are watching my every move, I want them to see the best mom I can be. That means staying motivated to do even the most mundane chores around the house!

Deborah Cornwell - How I get motivated … Put on the music channel in all rooms and start with the dishes … Small but effective and it’s a gateway to other activities!!!

Ebee - I like to make lists and mark stuff off!

esther - i’m a dreamer too and i huge list maker. being able to cross things off my list is my motivation – i love drawing a line straight thru 🙂

PJ - I wish I knew how to motivate myself! My motivation seems to come in waves, so I try to ride it out as long as possible. A to-do list always seems to help. Crossing off items feels SO satisfying!

Lisa W. - I am terrible at motivating myself but I do tend to rise to the occasion when I have a deadline…night before someone’s birthday or company is coming etc. But then watch out cause the creativity flows! Yay for a giveaway Stac! 😉

Leanne Brown - I love Blurb! I use Cozi.com to keep me organizd and motivated.

Fran - This is too perfect! I get motivated by saving the things I really want to do (art, reading, photography) as a reward for getting my “chores” done!

Shanny Gallagher - Oh! My baby girl motivates me. I’m a huge procrastinator aside from when it comes to her.

Sarah - That planner is beautiful! I get motivated by…honestly, I love reading blogs because everybody helps me get motivated–I love seeing everybody’s projects and real people talking about real life…that’s what works for me :).

Claudia Flaherty - Just Do It!!! Love the concept. 🙂

I typically get motivated when I have put off something for WAY too long. Otherwise, I am afraid I am just like you my friend. I love your words of advice though and I will start putting them into action. I will report back in a week.

Procrastinators unite!!!

Alyssa - What an awesome planner! And thanks for the templates! I have my 2012 book almost ready to go, so I’ll take any chance at a discount! :o) Hope you guys are well!

DeliaKnits - I like your advice to just do it. Its obvious, and yet I have a hard time setting things down to do the mundane. I motivate myself by focusing on how good it will feel to have something accomplished at the end of the day.

Shannon Ng - Post it notes! I feel obligated to cross off my to-do list

Marie - Love your printables and planner!! I am the biggest procrastinator! I like to invite people over so I will clean my house or finish a project to show off! So terrible!

beth cupitt - this is super weird, but i get motivated by taking before and after pics on my phone. like of the dishes and stuff, not me in a bikini or anything. 😉

Amy Winter - Oooohhhh that is so AWESOME!!! I am also a HU.MON.GO idea/project dreamer. So, as of this week have started to break things down into smaller parts to get things done. i.e. this week do this, next week do this. And it feels soooo good to check something off the list!

Kathy - That is SO stinking cute!!

Stacey - Oh how fun…i heart giveaways…but not as much as i heart you!
hhhmmmm…let’s see…getting motivated….let’s just put this out there…i am the BIGGEST procrastinator who has ever lived…sssoooo…this is a toughie! i guess i would have to say to just do it…i just have to to do and get’er done! i am terrible at starting new things…in fact…i was supposed to get rmac’s scrapbook done for his season done for a christmas present…so much for that happening!! oh well…but i would love love love the credit for getting somethin’ really cool at blurb! thanks for the chance!

Miranda - I feel really unmotivated today to get the gym or do dishes or anything! But, usually to get motivated for the gym I put my shoes and my normal gym clothes on so that usually helps to get out the door and GO!

Jenni - I’ll take it! and thanks for the download!

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