circus goings-ons

as i sit here typing, i can hear the kids up playing with their daddy. it’s past bedtime, and i should go up and make them start stories. but they’re having so much fun, and sometimes it’s nice to break the rules. don’t ya think? ūüôā the first sound of crying will be a sure sign they are officially ready for bed.

it’s been a trying week for me. i’m on week 2 or 3 {i’ve lost track} of being sick and oh, am i sick of it {haha} i feel as though i’ve spent the whole month of january in a cold-coma, wheeeee! i think i see a light at the end of the cough drop bag though. we can only hope. because you know how it is when mama’s sick…everyone suffers in some way, shape or form, and life is just not as smooth as it usually is. word? word.

there’s been lots of activity around the house this week regardless of mama being out of sorts. sweet pea has monkeyed her way out of her crib, so once again, a toddler bed is in our future much earlier than i would have liked. and so then is a baby gate or a door lock or something to keep her from toddling out of bed at night and down the stairs. fun, fun!

my boys are filled with their own deep thoughts this week. sunshine has been deeply worried about dying. i remember all too vividly my own fear of death as a child. i never had nightmares, just this never-ending fear of death. i’m not sure what brought it on for sunshine, but it’s extremely hard to explain death to a 3 year old and even harder to comfort him. i can tell you one thing : that boy is adamant he does NOT want to be an angel and is already devising ways to remove his wings. oh, geez.

turbo on the other hand keeps bringing….hark! the sound of crying. well that didn’t last long. bedtime it is. i’ll be back…

…what was i saying? oh yes. turbo has been unusually grateful for his family as of late and announced how happy he was to be home with his family during dinner the other night. he continued on to say how grateful he is for us, and how he was worried about the ‘lost kids’ the ones who don’t have homes. again, not sure what brought these thoughts on, but they’re deep for a newly 6-year old. and though i pry, i still can’t figure out what triggered it. all i can tell you is if it were up to turbo, our family would double, even triple in size. bless his heart.

since i’ve been sick, i had to cancel turbo’s birthday party this weekend, which if i’m honest, was a good thing because i had zero prepared for it. you want to know the *theme*? {if you could even call it that}


yeah, baby. i’m just about as stoked as he is! is it weird that that’s kind of on my bucket list? {just say no} hopefully by moving the party date, i’ll be more organized and prepared and not freaking out the day before. riiiiiiiight.

that pretty much wraps up the goings-ons with the circus. i can happily, gratefully, thankfully, joyfully close by saying…TGIF!!

oh! and our $25 blurb giveaway winner is : miranda! i’ll email you shortly my dear!

cheers to a healthy and happy weekend!

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