accepting the irritable

i was reading my bible yesterday morning, trying to reform the habit after a long summer of slowly falling out of it…and i’ve realized how much i’ve missed my quiet time with the Lord every morning. {i say *quiet time* tongue in cheek because my kids wake up early. for example, yesterday during *quiet time* i had a little boy next to me using a walkie talkie and a little girl squealing at a hex-bug. so my *quiet time* is not so quiet. ha.}

i was reading one of my favorite verses : galatians 5:22.

the fruits of the spirit.

*the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. against such things there is no law.*

i tend to be drawn to this verse when i’ve been struggling with either patience or selfishness or patience or rudeness or patience {unfortunately, that one…the patience one…gets the best of me and is what i’ve been grappling with all week. too much to do. too many “i wants” from the littles. you know the drill. before i know it, the impatience monster rears her weary head…that’s me.}

after i read the verse, i scanned the small text at the bottom of my study bible; you know, the text that kind of sums it up for you, so you can get the bigger picture? this is what i read : patience is,

“…the willingness to accept irritating situations.”

soooooo, i’m supposed to pray not only for patience, but for the willingness to accept all the irritating situations that are handed to me throughout the day?

welp, i’m not going to lie…that made me L.O.L.

you want me to pray for what?!

*Lord, grant me the willingness to accept any and all  irritating situations today.*


a funny perspective.

and yet, a true one.

and the more i thought about it, the more i liked it.

think how much simpler the day would roll out if i was prepared to willingly accept all the irritating, annoying, agitating things that would hit me throughout the day. if i knew ahead of time to simply accept them in an *it is what it is* sort of a way, letting them bounce off me with the patience of job. a patience that was supplied by the good Lord himself to job, and if it was given to him, it certainly can be given to you and to me. after all, i’m pretty sure God’s the only one that can deliver patience in such a way that not only are we patient, but we gladly accept any and all things irritable.

so today Lord, when sweet pea takes a dump in her big girl undies or won’t leave her clothes on in public places.

let me willingly accept it.

when turbo won’t stop climing/jumping/catapulting himself off every piece of furniture and chooses not listening over listening.

let me accept it with open arms.

when sunshine talks only with a whine in his voice and continually asks for help with things he can do on his own.

help me accept it gladly.

{or when lover’s busy texting during our own family photo session…accept. the. irritable. ha.}

i don’t think *accept* means give in and let them get away with whatever it is they’re doing at the time, but instead to wear your patience or your willingness to accept the irritation like a shield. a shield that bounces the annoyances right off without leaving a dent in our persona.

our patient persona.

this morning i’m already wielding my shield, ready to accept the irritable right now, as sweet pea shouts for me from the top of the stairs…

…two hours before she’s supposed to get up.

blessings friends *

Donna - Beautiful pictures and such a sweet story. I am trying to do more “good” people shots – definitely a challenge!

Amy Winter - SO perfect…thank you!

Barbara - This post was meant for me as patience is not my strong virtue! Thank you for your perspective on it and that I will be willing to let this trait be worked on by God.

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