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when in doubt, make a photo book

happy Christmas season! i can comfortably say that now that Thanksgiving is officially over. i’m one of thosesee it all! »

i thought ahead & there’s a giveaway!

* long post alert. but there’s a giveaway at the end, so bear with me. plus, the message? super important…sosee it all! »

what's in my bag, entertaining kids, out and about with kids

entertaining my circus & a giveaway!

i have a tendency of keeping random things in my bag to entertain my circus when we’re out and about. this issee it all! »

us everyday {and something for you!}

don’t we live in an amazing period of time? i LOVE the digital era we’ve been blessed to live in! do yousee it all! »

when we live so far * an ode to postagram

it’s no secret we don’t live near our family. we live in hell arizona, and they live in the beautiful bigsee it all! »