when in doubt, make a photo book

happy Christmas season!

i can comfortably say that now that Thanksgiving is officially over. i’m one of those strange people who doesn’t think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, using the honorary holiday of thanks to usher in the Christmas season.

bizarre. i know.

the upside of this mindset is that i can revel in each holiday as they play out. the downside? now that the season of Christmas is upon us, i begin to panic. well, i try not too, but inevitably i do. what to get everyone? where to get it? black friday? online? or should i get my craft on and make gifts? that won’t work because i didn’t think ahead before thanksgiving…gah!

this can tangle me up in less than no time, but for close family, i tend to lean towards sentimental gifts, and since i’m a visual person by nature, photo books almost always win.


blurb book

(i dug out some old pics…look how little my boys are…everybody say, “awe!”)

so what’s my holiday motto?

when in doubt, make a photo book.

because really…who doesn’t like a book full of happy pictures of people they love?

((answer : no one.))

and good news! blurb, my favorite book printing company, is having some awesome sales now until december 1st. click on any of the links below to get in on it :

IG blurb book BLOG

(did you know using blurb’s bookify tool you can slurp up your instagram pictures and it pulls your photo book together automatically? all by itself? so. cool. and easy.)

and oh, heeeeeeey! because we all need more cute babies in our lives :

www.lifeasyouliveit.com/blog punkin

**by clicking any of the above links, you are supporting the circus and i because a tiny portion of your sale will go to us. so if you use blurb, pretty please click on one of the above links before you buy, and i’ll love you for a million years, plus one.**

happy book making!

xo & cheers *


Jen - hello, I’m also looking for the link for the Before you were Born book. Thanks!

Kim A Boring - Can you tell me how to make the Before you were born books? The link was not there on your pinterest page? It said something about a template & make your own??? tyvm I love your pages & family looks really cute & fun…we home schooled too…never regretted all the time with my children.

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