i didn’t intend on setting any new year’s goals or resolutions (ironically, this is the way LAST year’s new years post began…) to reiterate last year’s post, i’ve never really been one to jump gung-ho onto the old resolution bandwagon. personally, i feel that if you want change, or if you have a goal, a dream, or a whim…then, i say go for it! no matter the time, date or place. just jump in, two feet, reckless.

and it’s that exact chain of thought that set me off on my “word” for the year. have you heard of this picking of words in lou of resolutions? it’s not a new concept; you simply ponder, think, pray and carefully, strategically select a word you’d like to define your upcoming year. unless you’re me…then you spend quite a bit less time thinking strategically about it and instead just follow your heart where it wanders.

that being said, as soon as i thought it (MY word), took it for a spin around my brain a couple of dozen time, you know, to test drive it’s authenticity, did a heart check, revved it up a few more times for good measure, and then hammered that bad boy out on the keyboard, i knew it was most definitely, without a doubt “my word” for the year.


MY word.

for 2015, i want to live RECKLESS.

now, that may seem a bit immature sounding. especially when i outlined my very detailed and intricate process for selecting said word. but hear me out.

i would give all the coffee in the world to live a reckless life. yes, you heard that right. ALL the coffee. in the world. hey now…

i want to live life recklessly, full of adventure. i want to love recklessly. i want a reckless faith with no boundaries and no fears. i want to recklessly say, “yes!” to dreams that at first seem scary, risky even, and grab them by the horns and show them who’s boss. i want to set aside comparisons and embrace recklessly the person God designed me to be. i want to give recklessly of my time to anyone who needs it. i want to be recklessly encouraging, motivating, inspiring. i want to be a recklessly fun, fully vested mama, teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, child of God. a reckless person.

i want to LIVE reckless this year. i want to BE reckless this year.

had i thought this through more, i would be able to let you know how i think i’ll go about implementing this new recklessness in my life, but for now, i’m still brainstorming. i can imagine it will be simply saying, “yes!” to a lot of things. pursuing dreams that God has placed on my heart, but have been shelved for one reason or another; dropping comparison mode like a hot potato, and embracing life with both arms in a reckless bear hug.

so cheers to 2015. cheers to recklessness. cheers to life. may your year be blessed beyond measure!

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