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don’t we live in an amazing period of time? i LOVE the digital era we’ve been blessed to live in! do you realize we have the ability to capture the most amazing details of our lives whenever. we. want. between cameras and phones, we can capture as much or as little as we want of our everyday life.

when i first got my *fancy* phone, i was your typical *snobby* photog, letting my dslr take precedence over my measly phone camera to capture our life, but the more i used the phone camera, the more i began to love it. for it’s simplicity, for being able to pull it out anywhere and everywhere, for its sheer convenience {side note : i still prefer my dslr to the camera phone. let’s be clear on that. but let’s also give the camera phone credit where credit is due. it is always there for me when i need it. it stands by me like that.}

ontop of all that, there are some amazing photo apps to go right along with it. as you might know, i have an undying love for instagram. i’m sure there are other great apps out there, but my loyalty lies with them…i’m canine like that {what?}  🙂  some of my favorite images are instagrams solely because they manage to catch the simplicity of everyday life. the real way we live, unedited. just us, everyday.

i’ve tried printing some of them, and though i love the prints, printing ALL of them {because i take A LOT of IG images} would cost a ba-jillion dollars, and then, i would be entitled to find a way to file them and store them and blah, blah, blah. really, what this girl needed was a painless way to get all our everyday goodness into an album…

enter : blurb.

blurb has hooked up with instagram {and facebook!} so that turning your IG images into an album is a *snap* i just got mine in the mail, and i’m in love {is that possible? i choose, yes.}

SO much fun to flip through with the boys, each picture tugging us back into a memory.

see? it’s like bottling memories. bottling our everyday, for us to savor whenever we please.

annnnd, i can’t hold it in anymore. i just can’t. i’m SUPER excited to tell you that the sweet people over at blurb are offering life as you blog it readers a *FREE* instagram or facebook book using the code INSTALIFE at checkout!

how AWESOME is that?!

and i don’t mean it’s a giveaway like one of you will win a free book, i mean ANYONE and EVERYONE who feels the need, who’s been wanting to do something with their pictures, who wants to bottle their own memories, but just hasn’t, can use this code! can i get a *woot-woot* or an *Amen* or somethin’? yeah, baby. that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

but jump on it, it’s only good until sunday at midnight! the great thing? blurb has simplified the process so well, that you should be able to punch it out in an hour or two!

would you just do me a little favor? don’t keep this to yourself. share the love! share it on facebook, email it to a friend, tweet about it, pin it, shout it from the rooftops…do whatever you do because everyone deserves such an easy, wonderful {inexpensive!} way to bottle up their everyday!

cheers, cheers!


Marci - How do you put multiple photos on a page? Whenever it does it for me it just puts 1 photo per page? Thanks!!

stacey - emily * ack, NO! hopefully, they get me the hooks again in the nearish future!

emily anderson - SH*T!

yes, that is me cussing cause i totally missed this!
i’m so bummed!

Nanette Gordon-Cramton - Great offer but I am on this page and cant figure out where the Make Instagram Book button is? I see a Start button on the Make Facebook Book but not on the one for Instagram! Would love to try it! Thanks!

stacey - chrissy * even if you stored your IG’s on your hard drive, when you sign into blurb with your instagram user name and password, it pulls them ALL in 🙂 i think your dslr images will work if they’re on facebook? i’m not 100% on that because i did an instagram book…just play around with it, and let me know what you figure out! enjoy!

stacey - jenni * i was worried about that too when i did mine…so i did one for 2011 and will do one for 2012 once the year is over! have fun with it!

Jenni - What an amazing offer, I love it! I have even shared it on FB, but I am a little bummed bc I want an instagram book for the whole year, not just through September…not sure what to do?

Chrissy - I’m so excited for this. My girls enjoy photo albums, but I don’t have many since everything is digital. This will be a fun addition to their bookshelf!

Question, is it just Instagram and Facebook pics? Can we choose photos that we took with Instagram but have since stored on our computer? Can it be photos we took with our dslr?

Lisa Wagner - Whoo Hoo!!! Yay Stac, so excited! Worth the waiting on pins and needles to get this surprise today! Thanks! 😉

Rebecca - This just totally made my day! I’ve been wanting to do something just like this! Thanks mama!

Deborah Cornwell - Wow!!! So so sooooo cool!!!! Thanks, Stac!!! You rock!!!!

stacey - tracy! you’re welcome! really, thank the peeps at blurb! have a beautiful day!

stacey - lacey! * you’re SO welcome! please spread the word, i don’t want anyone to miss this!

Tracy Dickinson - whoo hoo!!! i am so excited! thank you for the awesome deal! i also heart instagram! can’t get enough of it! pretty pumped to have a book of my images. thanks again! (ummmm can you tell i’m excited?? i think i used enough exclamation points…haha)

Lacey - OMG- how amazing is this! Thank you so much!!! i love your book and I can’t wait to make my own! THANK YOU!

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