daily dose * holla!

anyone else out there feeling like they don’t have enough hours in the day? holla back ya’ll! {take note : i’m feeling all twangy-gansta today. you’ve been warned. word.}

i’ve been working hard this week to get myself into a more set routine by doing things like say : a load of laundry a day {jigga what?! settle-down-now…i didn’t say they’d all get folded and put away, now did i??} or getting the kids to bed round about the same time {6:15’s pretty much the same as 8:30 right??} i’m a work in progress. holla.

let’s tap this…daily dose y’all! yeeeeeeeehaw!

*  *  *  *  *

this week i’ve been bustin’ my hump to get our 2011 family album all wrapped up. i use blurb. i love blurb. have you heard of them yo? what?! no? well, let me be the first to introduce you.

blog readers, this is blurb.

blurb, these are my blog readers.

blog readers, blurb works very hard to make sure you have NO excuse to NOT document your life. fo’ shizzle.

visit their website, download their free software {yes, i said free}, upload your images and start designing your very own, customized album. easy-peasy. awesome quality {when i say awesome, think better than walmart, better than snapfish, better than kodak, better than…you get my drift}. your family, documented. fo’.ev.ah.

want to see a quick shot of ours in the past? thought you might…click, click boom!

whoop! forgot to mention the best part, and why i’m bustin’ it right now…if you order by the end of the month, you score 20% off…totally worth bustin’ for…holla! now, get to work!

i’ll post images of our 2011 album once i’ve got it in my clutches…

*  *  *  *  *

ps. i fully realize i’m not the gansta-est of ganstas…

*  *  *  *  *

due to the fact that i’ve been living on my computer all week, attacking our family pictures like a wild animal on crack, there wasn’t much room for a whole lot else in the hiz’ouse…

we did, howevah, managed to squeeze in dinner and a show one night.

and have a mid afternoon snuggle-fest {turbo is playing dead *boys*}

there was also time for showing off our sitting on the table skillz. let’s go into the mind of sweet pea for these images :

{what the?! how the heck did this get in my hand?}

{it’s a…a ball. it’s a ball mama!}

{i better put it in my mouth for the obligatory taste test. let’s see here…}

{it’s, it’s AH.MAZ.ING!}

*  *  *  *  *

some exciting things starting up next week, that may or may not include our first guest blogger evah. of all time. word to yo mutha. it’s going to be awesome and fun, so make sure you stay tuned for that next week!

my album is callin’. i gotta get back. make sure you tap that blurb discount for your own family albums. your family will thank you later…holla!

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stacey - micheline…i designed that cover in photoshop, saved it as a JPEG and loaded into booksmart as a single image. let me tell you, it was a PAIN to create, and i told myself i would never do it again! looks awesome, but took a TON of time! thanks for your comment! xo

Micheline - Hey, i just came upon this page throuh Pinterest and I love the look of your photobooks. i’ve just started planning for a photobook as a gift to my uncle and his family, it’s a big project but am determined. though i love booksmart, am quite frustrated with some lacking features. i also want to do a mosaic picture for the cover page but their templates are limited. i would be very grateful if you shared with us the steps you took to design the cover for your 2010 book..

thank you very much

stacey - please come south soon! even turbo was wondering when he would see you next! it’s definitely time!

stacey - irene, i hope it does motivate you to get them done! they are so great to have around!! keep your eye on blurb if you don’t hit this code either follow them on facebook or sign up for their emails…they are always having sales! and yes! everyone tells my hubby he can’t deny his children, as they are exact replicas of him! 🙂 thanks for commenting i love it!

Jill - Oh Stacey your too funny! I look at some of those pictures of charley and I see bits of porter! They are definitely related! Miss you guys, have to start planning a trip south I think! 😉

Irene - I just had to comment because I just crack up when I see your sweet pea – what a “mini-me” of your husband! Her face just KILLS me!

Thanks for the code on the books – I have been planning on getting some done as I am YEARS behind. Maybe this will be the motivation I need!

Your Mama - Awesome and fun! And boy am I missin’ you all.

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