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no prelude planned for this week’s daily dose, so let’s roll!

daily dose!

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we kicked off our week by knocking an item off turbo’s itty-bitty bucket list. speedworld. speedworld is a bmx bike track that’s tucked way out in the desert just west of us; an oasis of sorts for all things bmx. recently, they re-did their track and had their first practice on sunday night. we figured there was no better time like the present, so we loaded turbojet’s bike and helmet and took off into the great unknown.

with only a few minor incidents that included : uncontainable excitement {literally. un.con.tain.able.} that resulted in a VERY fast ride down a hill {not part of the track} only to plow into sweet pea’s stroller {no one was hurt in the incident. one somebody was VERY embarrassed 😛 }; and an additional incident that was the result of us not knowing what the heck we/he were doing, and let’s just say, turbo got attacked by the gate at the top of the track {again, no one harmed. again, one little somebody embarrassed/scared…but not so scared to keep him from hopping right back on and shooting down the VERY steep track immediately after}

where am i going with this? kids are brave man. check this track out. i’m standing at the bottom. he is WAY up there. and believe it or not, there were some brave little buggers out there smaller than turbojet.

steep, right?! turbo was in little boy heaven.

{which one of these things is not like the other? ha! plaid shirt and jeans vs. true riding gear…yeeeeeeeehaw! that’s how we roll baby!}

these next two images are blurry, but i’m in love with the feeling/speed/color they evoke…

to top off the night, we were blessed with one of the most crazy-awesome sunsets i’ve ever seen in arizona. it screams encore, don’t ya think?

encore baby. we’ll be back soon i’m sure.

*  *  *  *  *

things this week that made me happy :

  • sunshine gives everything a thumbs up. literally. everything. you could say, “sunshine, we’re going to eat spinach and broccoli for breakfast” and he’d pop that bad boy up like it was the best idea he’d heard all day. pure awesomeness!
  • turbo overusing new big words when he talks like : certainly and multiple
  • finishing my 2011 family album from blurb in time to use the discount…score!
  • feeling inspired again after a long drought of unspiration {new word. use lavishly when feeling uninspired to inspire new inspiration} hee!
  • making up new words 😛
  • the new chow mein recipe i got from a friend. it’s killer. and by killer i mean : easy, fast and muy delicioso. what’s NOT to be happy about?!
  • diet cherry dr. pepper float. enough said.
  • me time with coffee and my sketch book
  • zumba! if you have not jumped on that train, do so now. insanely fun. so fun you don’t feel like you’re working out!

*  *  *  *  *

you know what else made me happy? when this happened naturally. without my asking/nagging/begging, turbo saw sweet pea crying, determined she was hungry, got her a bib, some food and a spoon and started feeding her. be still my beating heart. they are quite the pair!

*  *  *  *  *

i ordered a wall print today. i’m not usually *that* person. i’m usually the person that thinks inside my head, “i could make that. i could totally make that.” and then doesn’t order it because apparently, i convinced myself that i have both the time AND the talent to create whatever it is i didn’t order. and guess what? usually, i have neither.

soooooo…where am i going with this? nowhere. fast. the point is : i ordered this awesome wall print today from katie daisy {a VERY talented artist with TONS of inspirational prints…go check her out…now! go!} it’s one of my favorite quotes :

i had it sent with love from lover for valentine’s day…wasn’t that sweet of him to think of me? and so early too? ha! thanks lover! 🙂

super pumped for the mail next week! katie daisy print and blurb family albums…woot!

*  *  *  *  *

it’s official. i have climbing addicts. do they have a group for that? incessant climbers anonymous. must. research.

*  *  *  *  *

you know how some people are just naturally crafty? and their house looks cute, and their clothes are cute, and everything they touch is just cute, cute, cute, awesomeness…sometimes i wish i was like that. do you think there’s a class you can take to become like that? a learn how to be crafty, cute and awesome all the time class? if not, there should be. there should be one. there should. i would go. i would. really. i would.

*  *  *  *  *

have you seen a happier little girl lately? i thought not! 🙂

familiarizing herself with a car. since loving them is a prerequisite for living in our house and all.

*  *  *  *  *

and there you have it! our week in a nutshell. busy weekend ahead! much love and fun to you and yours!


{ps…did i say we would have our first ever guest blogger this week? i did? SIKE! {80s throwback} she’ll be around next week…*promise, cross my heart* 😛 xoxo, stacey}

patti - CRazy week of course, am so glad that you log everything to us. I am sure that turbo will be the fastest on that track. Oh by the way,,, you have the cute touch already, you don’t need a class, I think you could teach a class!!

Your Mama - Wow, go Turbo! He is awesome and I just know he will be one of the fastest – in no time flat. I love all the pictures and everything you blog about. You, yourself, always inspire me, your mama, just saying! You are awesome, crafty and inspirational. And I love you.

Tricia - Love it! I would point out which photos I liked the best, but there are many this week… Although that sunset photo with Turbojet riding in front is AH-Mazing! You made me smile today while I ate lunch, and I needed that after a loooooong week!

Steph - I LOVE that sunset biker photo! These are seriously amazing, and I’m glad you’re back on the create float! Please add to Turbojet’s vocab: scrumtrulescent. <3 😉

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