my life as i live it . a daily dose

the daily dose and blogging in general is getting harder to sneak in…i’m going to try to keep up as best i can, but with babe in the house and 2 wild boys, time is a hot commodity not to be squandered!

this week was busy and wild and wonderful. i’ve been arm wrestling with mommyhood, attempting to be everything for everyone and still be me; provide my boys—my babies—with a mommy who is both present and still an individual; giving each their much-deserved undivided attention and yet still finding time for me, for lover, for us. it’s definitely a balancing act. {as you well know…i believe lots of my readers are mommies to more than one child} and it’s an act i will slowly continue to refine and hopefully, one day master! {in fact, as i’m typing sweet pea beckons with her soft cry from her chair, begging to be cuddled…and now she IS being cuddled and loved on as i continue to hunt and peck on the keyboard to keep my momentum rolling}

daily dose!

*  *  *  *  *

this week i’ve been trying more and more to focus on the now. the now. the now. the things that matter. taking time to play games {even though one more game of candyland may tip my scale into the land of crazy!}, to read more books, to give more snuggles, to just enjoy the now. i found a wonderful piece of art on a  fellow photog’s blog that i just coudn’t pass up sharing. when i read it, it was like it had crawled inside my head and burned my thoughts onto her wall. i just. adore. it. i’m thinking about re-designing it and having it printed BIG to hang on our wall {with her approval, of course!}, so that i can always, always remember what is truly important. and that is them. and us. and now. not a perfect house. or amazing decor. well, anyway, i’ll let it do the talking…

 * excuse this house *

some houses try to hide the fact

that children shelter there

ours boasts it quite openly, the signs are everywhere

for smears are on the windows

little smudges on the doors;

i should apologize for toys strewn on the floor

but i sat down with the children

and we played and laughed and read

and if the doorbell doesn’t shine

their eyes will shine instead

for when at times i’m forced to choose

the one job or the other,

i want to be a homemaker photographer

but first i’ll be a


perhaps my version  of the poem could mention something about monster trucks in my fridge…don’t ask, but the boys get a kick out of ‘cooling off their monster trucks’…

{do i sound like a broken record? i feel like i post A LOT on ‘living in the now’ and enjoying the little things and soaking up my todays. i guess you can tell it is always in the back corner of my mind, always itching, urging me to be a better, more present mama…and isn’t that what we all want to be able to say at the end of the day? i was there. i was present. i loved and lived.}

*  *  *  *  *

how this week’s smiles were generated :

  • turbojet : commenting on his first look at a roasted pig, “that was a real chicken. it was a real chicken, like, pig shaped.”
  • sunshine : after an altercation with a fellow 2-year-old, “that friend is not nicely!”
  • turbojet : after forgetting his water bottle in the house, “oh! i always trick myself!”
  • sweet pea : “aaaaah!” {you know i couldn’t resist the cheesiness of adding her into the lineup!}
  • and these silly faces…
child photography
child photography
child photography
child photography

*  *  *  *  *

we have a blabla obsession at our house. we love them, heart them, adore them, etc. we really like us some blablas, and all thanks to my beautiful friend jane who got us hooked 4 1/2 years ago when turbojet was born. keeping to tradition, jane hand delivered sweet pea’s blabla to the family last weekend…thank you, thank you, jane, for feeding our blabla hunger!

product photography
product photography
product photography

this one makes me smile :0)

product photography

*  *  *  *  *

despite the 110+ temps that have been slamming us during the day, our mornings have been a bit cooler this week {think in the 90s, people. sad, but true…} and as ridiculous as this may sound, we’ve been trekking outside to enjoy our ‘cool’ mornings with breakfasting and playing and bonding.

mornings that include : picnic-table breakfasts,

and fresh berries,

lovin’ from an adoring big brother,

and lovin’ from mama too.

hey, pretty lady…are you going to be a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little cutie, too?

only time will tell, but all arrows are pointing towards yes :0)

*  *  *  *  *

happy labor day weekend to you!

may your rest be plentiful and your days be labor-less…ciao!

Jane - I love that you all love those blablas!! They are some of my best days, delivering one to your door for a sweet skeepington! I am so lucky to be a part of yours and your families lives!! Love you!!

Kathy - Your family is so beautiful! Loves sent!

Your Mama - I love all your posts and pictures soooooo much. I am such a weepy mama/grama that they make me cry. Cry for happiness that I see in your family. The love that is always there, Each and every day. I love you guys!

Stacey - Oh…I love peeking into your days! I wish I could enjoy my days as much as you enjoy yours! Your children are precious and I love being able to see them through your eyes!

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