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oh, so many things running through my jumbled brain tonight. let’s just hop on in!

daily dose!

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i *promise* i won’t complain about this every week. last time *promise* but i am so. over. the. heat. over. done. finessimo. finished. oui.

i think this time of year, more than any other, when fall colors beckon and cooler weather seems inevitable {everywhere but here at least…} and the urge to bust out my favorite blue jeans, boots and scarves is almost unbearable that i miss ‘home’ more than ever. that montana calls, heck it screams, out my name, begging me to come play in its leaves, sip coffee on crisp mornings and don thick sweaters to fight off that little chill that assuredly will bring shorter days, fall holidays and eventually, snowflakes *sigh*

but despite this magnetic pull towards home and all things fall-ish, i am thankful for tiny little peeks into what i hope might be the ‘cooler’ weather to come. and for now, i am happy to continue to enjoy our ‘cool’ mornings with coffee outside in my favorite mug {bozeman, montana represent!},

lifestyle photography

and umbrella covered babies,

lifestyle photography

and silly boys, still so, silly…

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another struggle with the heat is that we have to find indoor things to do to get rid of our antsy-pants because when the boys have excess energy to burn and they are bippin’ around our teeny, tiny, little house at top speed, screaming like wild banshees at the top of their lungs, mama starts to go a little crazy…know what i’m sayin’? :0) so this week we combated that excess energy with art projects,

and trips to barnes and noble for ‘camp out’ book reads {from which we were firmly told by a diligent employee they don’t like their products on the floor. thank you very much.},

{let’s not talk about how sad i am that my snister {or ‘tia’ as the boys call her}, above, is moving to cali tomorrow…}

and bowling,

{sweet pea’s 1st time bowling…girl really enjoyed herself!}

and detective games that include faux green mustaches {so turbojet can trick people into thinking he’s a man} and cute fedora clad noggins…

lifestyle photography

lifestyle photography

hi-ya! take that antsy-pants and that extra energy you rode in on!

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you know how some kids pick their mommy’s flowers? and you know how i live way down here in the southwest where flowers shrivel up and die don’t grow too well ? yeah? yeah. the boys have taken to picking rocks for me…it’s the sweetest thing really. they come in all excited like they’re giving me the world, and present me with a rock hand-picked {organically grown, ha!} from our yard. and even though it’s just a rock, i feel the love baby. and i see the love. rocks. all. over. my house.

see the love? :0)

*ps…i do not claim to be a rock portrait photographer, just a collector*

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remember how i have a love obsession with children’s books? sometimes i get all itchy to go out and buy a bunch and soak up all of their creative-y-goodness…yep, that’s how sick-in-the-head, in love i am with them…it’s like a craving. and i’m not pregnant. and it’s only for books. weirdo.

here’s the one i’m honing in on :

this year’s caldecott medal winner. the illustrations are phenomenal, to die for really. really, really.

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things that i’m loving right now :

  • the ‘welcome back’ of pumpkin spice lattes at starbucks…helloooooo fall!
  • as i sit here typing, there is a wonderful blend of silence and thunder {yes, thunder!} crooning in my ears
  • this website i found called . dear photograph…click it, read it, love it
  • the fact that my house is a total disaster zone right now, and i am at peace with that
  • these moccasins sent to us for sweet pea from some friends. soooooooo stinkin’ cute! i think she needs one of every color and size…don’t you? :0) they also have some adorable hair clips…want some for your babe? find them here
  • this face :0)

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i feel like i’m bombarding you today with the ho-hummy goodness that is our life. so i’ll leave you with these last great one-liners from the boys {mostly turbojet} this week, and with that bid you adieu! happy weekend!

  • turbojet eating hot mac’ n’ cheese . ‘my tummy’s a little bit warm…i’m afraid i’m going to blow fire!’
  • turbojet after i cranked up some tune-age in the car . ‘whoa! you made my eyes pop up!’
  • turbojet telling his tia i love you . ‘so much love…you should have married me.’
  • turbojet to sunshine . ‘sunshine, you know what a dog-sheep is? it’s a dog that’s called a sheepdog.’
  • turbojet to sunshine . ‘sunshine, did you suck up that feather? i guess i did…i’m going to be as sick as a whistle!’
  • sunshine to me outside this morning . ‘hear that dog ruffing?’

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